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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up – November 26th

Posted on by amber
This week was filled to the brim with updates! And with the game awards and holidays arriving, chances are there will be a lot more updates on the horizon! Today we explore all the exciting gaming news we covered this week alongside a few sneak peeks.

Minecraft Snapshot 22W46A

Playable Mob Sounds All Heads Screenshot Starting off the week, we had news for Minecraft 1.20! A snapshot went live, introducing playable mob sounds. Players need only grab a mob head, place it on a note block, and activate it to create everything from Ender Dragon to creeper sounds. A perfect prank if set up with a pressure plate and redstone! Try out the latest snapshot following our guide here.

Valheim 0.212.6

Valheim Speedrum World Record Run Lands Under 90 Minutes Over on Valheim, a massive update has gone into public beta! The Mistlands, a new biome, introduces a new boss, nine new mobs, and expansions to various existing systems. And that’s not touching on the fishing and VFX updates it included! Those who own a Valheim server with us can select this new update right from the control panel. Be sure to make a backup!

MCC Season Finale

MCC Logo MCC 28 has been announced by the Noxcrew! Festive teams and themes will be making their yearly return, and after over a year, MCC season two will be ending. Sadly, this means there will be a break from MCC until season three marks its return. Check out the details on the grand finale here!

The Game Awards

Twitch Logo As we did last year, BisectHosting will be providing a complete summary of the upcoming game awards! Every award, its nominees, and the winner will be neatly organized for your convenience and viewing pleasure. However, should you find the time, nothing beats watching it live!

Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up – November 26th

And so, our week ends yet again. Hopefully, next week will be just as eventful as the last! Hytale should be releasing a developer update soon, and what’s that I hear? Some festive discounts are near? Perhaps it was just the winter wind. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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