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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up - November 18th

Posted on by bisecthosting

Each week the world of Minecraft has plenty of action, and last week was no different!

While the biggest news is still waiting for us in 2021 with the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs 1.17 Update, there’s still plenty going on right now.

So let’s dive right into all the latest around Minecraft.

Minecraft Stars Wars DLC has landed

While Minecraft players continue to look forward to the massive 1.17 update Caves & Cliffs, some new DLC could turn heads!

(Image Credit:

This new DLC is a Star Wars DLC pack featuring plenty of references to The Mandalorian.

This new DLC pack is called, simply enough, the Minecraft Star Wars DLC.

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The DLC features content from all throughout the Star Wars lineage, which brings something to the table for all Star Wars fans.

And with the massive amount of amazing things Star Wars can bring to the table in Minecraft, it’s an awesome pickup for all Minecraft players.

Minecraft Dungeons gets Cross Platform Multiplayer Support

Minecraft Dungeons has plenty of exciting things on the horizon, but one thing is already here, and that’s cross platform multiplayer support!

(Image Credit:

Starting today, players will be able to enjoy Minecraft Dungeons multiplayer gameplay across platforms. This unites the playerbase and means it’s much easier to play with friends now matter how they game. 

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So if you have friends that own Minecraft Dungeons on a different platform, try it out today!

Minecraft Dungeons Howling Peaks DLC is Coming

While cross-platform multiplayer play in Minecraft Dungeons is a big change arriving now, the Howling Peaks DLC is a big change coming in the near future.

Howling Peaks will be a massive DLC for Minecraft Dungeons that will arrive in December.

The Howling Peaks DLC will center around mountainous regions, mobs, and wind/extreme weather.

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The DLC comes with new skins, weapons, armor, items, mobs, locations, and plenty more.

Even better, with the new Minecraft Dungeons cross-platform support, you can enjoy the upcoming DLC with friends on mobile, PC, and console in any combination.

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