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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up - March 4

Posted on by bisecthosting

The world of Minecraft is always moving, with new updates, user created content, and news constantly coming.

To keep track of all the big stories, let’s go over all the biggest news from Minecraft this week.

New Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Beta Reworks Mountain Generation

Minecraft 1.17, the Caves and Cliffs Update, will change a ton about the core systems of Minecraft. This includes cave generation, ore displacement, and adding a ton of new content to the game as well.

One new piece to the Caves and Cliffs Update has now gone live in a new Beta update. This feature is new mountain generation changes.

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After a recent Beta update pushed cave generation changes, players can now get an early look at how Minecraft will generate worlds after the release of update 1.17.

New Minecraft Novel Arrives

In Minecraft, stories are told every day by millions of players in their own games. Author Max Brooks brings this storytelling potential to life in a new Minecraft novel, The Mountain.

Mojang recently did an interview with Brooks about his newly released novel from his Minecraft series. The interview gives some new context to the stories’ development. This includes the growth of main character Guy along with a new important character, Summer.

Minecraft Dungeons Developer Interview on Flames of the Nether DLC

Another big Mojang interview from this week offers fans some more insight into Minecraft Dungeons’ newest DLC pack, Flames of the Nether.

In the interview, Minecraft Dungeons Level Designer Laura de Lorens and Art Director Daniel Bjorkefors spoke to what the team was hoping to accomplish in their renditions of the infamous Nether, and why fans should give it a try.

“We ended up with well over a hundred pages of concept art for the Nether, including everything from general coloring to new plants, props, armor, and weapons that fit with the environments,” said Bjorkefors.

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“Since we have so many new mobs, it was like rebalancing the game all over again in a way. There's been a lot of iteration making sure that the new enchantments, the new weapons, and gear make sense with everything else in the game!” said Lorens.

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