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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up - July 25th

Posted on by bisecthosting

Another week, another round of action around the Minecraft world.

Here’s all the latest Minecraft news from the last week, including a new Minecraft Dungeons DLC, Bedrock Edition beta update, and more.

New Minecraft 1.18 Experimental Snapshot Released

Mojang offers plenty of ways for players to test and experience upcoming changes to the game. One of the best and most recent ways is through the new Minecraft 1.18 Experimental Snapshot update.

Minecraft 1.18 experimental snapshot is out!: Minecraft

This update gives players some upcoming tweaks and features coming to Minecraft to test.

Read over the highlights of the new Minecraft 1.18 experimental update below:

  • Biome placement is a bit smoother and less noisy. Fewer microbiomes dotting the terrain. Biomes tend to be a bit larger and less fragmented.
  • Raised cloud level from 128 to 192.
  • Beachier beaches! Beaches are generally wider. But also in some places there are no beaches at all, to provide some variation.
  • Sheep spawn in meadows. Also more rabbits and less donkeys.
  • Blue orchid no longer spawns in meadows. The swamps were sad because this was their unique thing.
  • Swamps now generate properly. They generated in weird places before and were sad about that. Swamps are happier now.
  • Added missing biomes: Ice spikes and Eroded badlands.
  • Underground biomes interfere less with surface biomes. They can still leak out of cave entrances sometimes though (because it looks kinda cool!)
  • Increased the height of some of the peaks. Now they can reach up to 220-260 or so, but rarely.
  • Slightly increased the chance of finding large areas with flat terrain.
  • Meadows sometimes spawn a lone tree, often with a bee nest.
  • Monsters spawn in the new mountain biomes.
  • Emeralds and infested stone generate in the new mountain biomes
  • Made ore veins slightly larger and more frequent, since very few people seemed to actually find them in survival.

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  • Structures now show up in the right biomes (mostly...). Found the right amount of duct tape to put in the right place in the code.
  • Toned down the megacave entrances a little bit, and made them less likely to go all the way down to deepslate level. Getting to diamond zone was just a bit too easy.
  • Made cheese caves a little bit smaller on average (they can still be huge though!), and a bit less likely to intersect the surface.
  • Made Lush caves a bit smaller and a bit less common.
  • Zombie, Skeleton, spider and cave-spider spawners now spawn mobs up to block-light level 11. Although the mobs spawning in complete darkness did not affect the difficulty of vanilla spawners, we recognized that these spawners haven't been a real challenge for a while now. We hope this change will make conquering a spawner a more exciting challenge! 
  • Spawners have a new "CustomSpawnRules" tag, which lets you override the spawn rules of the spawned mob. In the tag you can specify "BlockLightLimit" which indicates the highest block-light the spawners will spawn mobs at. This change is to enable map-makers to use spawners in a more customizable manner to spawn mobs in any light levels they choose!

Minecraft Championship (MCC 15) Ends in a Clean Sweep for Red Rabbits

The Minecraft Championship has been a massively popular series bringing together figures from throughout the Minecraft community in a skills challenge like no other.

MC Championship on Twitter: "👑 The Red Rabbits win MCC 15! 👑 A clean 3-0  sweep in Dodgebolt from @Dream @Michaelmcchill @Quackity @sapnap 🔥… "

The latest Minecraft Championship, MCC 15, brought some more action this week, running on July 24th.

In the end, the Red Rabbits, a team of Dream, MichaelMcChill, Quackity, and Sapnap took the tournament down 3-0.

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