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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up - January 28th

Posted on by bisecthosting

Another week means plenty of news around the world of Minecraft.

This time around it includes everything from a new DLC pack to a massive DDoS cyberattack!

With that, let’s dive right into everything you may have missed this week around Minecraft.

New Education DLC Arrives for Bedrock Edition

Minecraft’s use for educational purposes has exploded in the last few years, and things aren’t only limited to Minecraft Education Edition. The latest new Minecraft DLC shows this by bringing a popular Education Edition lesson to Bedrock Edition.

This new DLC is called Adventures in English With Cambridge, and is designed for students 8 years old and up. This DLC emphasizes communication skills, reading comprehension, and spelling. This makes it a unique way to teach English language skills for second graders and up. It can also help development for non-native speakers.

To see the new DLC in action, you can watch its introductory trailer here.

The DLC costs 820 Minecoins on the Minecraft Marketplace, which translates to roughly $5.

Minecraft Realms Update Deletes Unplayed Worlds

If you’ve used Minecraft Realms, a new change from Mojang could concern you and your maps.

Earlier this week, Mojang announced a new change that will delete canceled or expired worlds that have been in this state for at least 18 months.

Don’t panic just yet though, as players can reactivate canceled or expired realms by renewing them via the Subscriptions page. If this process doesn’t work for you, you can also consult Mojang’s customer support here.

Minecraft Squid Game Tournament Cyberattack Nearly Takes Down Entire Country’s Internet

Minecraft tournaments come in many different forms, from regularly scheduled skill challenges like the Minecraft Championship, to the many unique maps that can support minigames of all kinds.

One recent Minecraft tournament took on inspiration from the massively popular Squid Games series, bringing players together to compete in a series of dangerous challenges from the show. During the tournament, however, a DDoS attack disrupted the team representing Andorra, but went much further.

This DDoS was a massive attack, and through targetting the tournament, managed to interrupt service for nearly the entire country! A report from Andorra Telecom shows internet service fall from roughly 100% to roughly 30% service during the attack.

This DDoS attack resulted in the elimination of Team Andorra from the competition, and as the first cybersecurity scare of its kind in the game’s history, is something to watch out for in online tournament play.

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