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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up - January 20th

Posted on by bisecthosting

2021 is in full motion now, and Minecraft is moving forward fast!

To catch up on all the action, let’s take a look at everything that happened over the last week in Minecraft.

Dream Comments Once More on Speedrunning Controversy

Dream was the fastest rising Minecraft Youtube channel in 2020. This didn't end without controversy, however.

Dream was accused of using modded game files to falsify several Minecraft speedruns by the Minecraft Speedrunning Moderation Team. These speedruns were broadcasted on

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The initial report on Dream’s speedruns focused on his rates for Blaze Rod drops and Hoglin bartering. Since these are two massive choke points for Minecraft speedruns, they're important data points.

In their analysis, the team determined Dream’s runs had 1 in 7.5 trillion odds of being legitimate.

Dream then fired back with his own report, written up by a hired statistician, and a response video.

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Since then, Dream has also commented on the controversy once more by saying - “Anyway, I'm sure this drama has been stressful for most of the Minecraft community, and a lot of that was probably due to my original response to the drama, so I take full responsibility for that. I pride myself on representing the Minecraft youtube community well, and I didn't.”

We’ll soon see if this story continues to grow.

Minecraft Earth Will Shut Down in June

Minecraft Earth was a new innovation to be added to the Minecraft family, worked on extensively in 2019.

This would come similar to Pokemon Go as an Augmented Reality (AR) alternative game.

While Minecraft Earth was massively ambitious and many fans were excited for the new game - it seems things weren’t meant to be, as Minecraft Earth is now officially closing in June.

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This could very well be one of the biggest what-ifs in Minecraft history.

Minecraft Year In Review: 2020

2020 was a massive year for Minecraft, and to do it justice, we will soon be posting our Minecraft Year in Review covering all of its biggest moments.

This includes massive content drops, controversies, hilarious moments, innovations, and everything in-between!

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That means you won’t want to miss it - so stay tuned here at Bisect Hosting to reminisce on all of the good in a year that had plenty of bad.

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