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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up – February 3rd

Posted on by amber
Another week has gone by, but not without a ton of news that is well worth the read and time! Today we look back at the past week, including big Minecraft updates, MCC news, and the top modpacks of 2022.

Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot 23W04A

Snapshot 23W04A Header Image On the coattails of the latest 1.19.4 snapshot, a 1.20 snapshot has gone live! This feature-packed content drop included a smithing rework, new template items, and armor trims to finally customize armor in 11 different styles.

Minecraft 1.20 Smithing Guide

Minecraft 1.20 Smithing Guide Header Image Accompanying the latest update is our very own Minecraft 1.20 Smithing Guide, complete with step-by-step images, and all the locations where the new templates hide. Be the first to collect them all before the patch goes live!

Top 5 Mods & Modpacks of 2022

Minecraft Modpacks of 2022 Header Image Our “top five” series has recently journeyed into the most popular mods and modpacks of 2022. Find out which individual mods were a must-have, what modpacks were trending, and how to join in on the fun despite New Years having ended.

MCC Island Open Beta Announced

MCC Island Open Beta Header Image The break between MCC seasons continues, but MCC Island had some exciting news! In just a few months’ time, the open beta will arrive alongside more games, cosmetics, and progressions systems to better reward your time.

Minecraft Legends Release Date Announced

Minecraft Legends Release Date Header Image Finally, Mojang showed off Minecraft Legends during the Xbox developer direct showcase. During which, we saw exciting PVP details, multiplayer footage reveals, and the date we can expect the game to go live. Hopefully it is as fun as it seems!

Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up – February 3rd

This week was full of announcements, which means lots of content to look forward to! Is there an announcement you are most excited for? For us its Minecraft 1.20, which keeps getting better and better with each passing snapshot. Here’s to armor trimming! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =) BisectHosting Minecraft Promotional Image
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