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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up - August 10th

Posted on by bisecthosting

The Minecraft community is waiting with bated breath for news on the next major update, Minecraft 1.20, which is expected to be revealed in October this year. On the way there, however, there’s plenty of news you won’t want to miss either!

With that, here’s all the biggest and most interesting news around Minecraft this week.

Realms Plus August Lineup Revealed

A new month means plenty of brand new Minecraft maps to enjoy via Realms Plus, and the August lineup has just been revealed by Mojang!

This includes the following maps, adventures, minigames, and content packs that are available now:

DON'T MISS IT: MCC Island Revealed

Minecraft Java Edition 1.19.2 Brings Important Bug Fixes

Mojang has released a new update for Minecraft Java Edition, 1.19.2, which introduces some important bug fixes related to social functions causing crashes and disconnects in-game.

Minecraft Java Vs. Bedrock — What's the Difference?

This update fixes:

  • An issue causing players to get disconnected with secure chat
  • A crash in the social interactions screen

While the chat features remain under scrutiny from large portions of the Minecraft community, this patch will fix some technical problems they posed in the interim.

Learn how to circumvent the new Minecraft chat reporting system and more here.

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