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Minecraft Trees in Real Life

Posted on by amber
Minecraft has added an abundance of trees since its initial release, but many fans have never seen their real-world counterparts! Take, for example, the jungle tree. Which IRL tree could that be? Today we take a global tour of Minecraft Trees in Real Life.

Oak Trees & Dark Oak Trees

There are over 500 species of oak trees! They are found across the globe, and chances are you have at least one type close to home! Their leaves can vary but are usually quite serrated in appearance, and strangely Minecraft is missing the oak tree’s acorns to this day. Dark Oak trees, on the other hand, are not real, but they are likely inspired by Quercus velutina, or black oaks, one of the many species mentioned above.

Spruce Trees

The spruce is species of evergreen that, as its name would suggest, remains green year-round. They are found in the earth’s more northern regions and are covered by needles rather than leaves. Good luck making a block out of these! Like the Oak’s missing acorns, Minecraft does not include the cones which grow from spruce tree branches. A fun fact about spruce trees is that one in Norway named Old Tjikko is nearly 10,000 years old!

Birch Trees

Just like in Minecraft, birch trees have a unique bark and appearance. They are typically found in the northern hemisphere, their bark is white and can be peeled off like thin pieces of paper, and their leaves are round with many small points. Perhaps most interesting of all is the birch tree’s flowers! They are long, hang downward, and look like noodles made of many small scales.

Jungle Trees

Sadly, it can’t be said for sure which tree the jungle tree represents, but fans have speculated it to be inspired by the Ceiba pentandra, or Kapok tree, found in tropical regions across the globe. These trees can grow to massive sizes towering above jungles and are even cultivated for their seed pods which contain a type of cotton!

Acacia Trees

Acacia trees are native to tropical and subtropical regions of the world, but Minecraft’s inspiration comes from those seen in Africa. Their leaves are many small oval-like leaflets that run symmetrically down a leaf stalk, but the leaves of other Acacia trees can vary in shape depending on the species. Acacia trees also flower and produce pods like that of peas!

Azalea Trees

Azalea plants do not look much like trees in real life, unfortunately. They are a type of Rhododendron, a woody plant more a-kin to a bush that prefers to be near or under trees. Despite being highly toxic, humans across the globe have used them as decorations for centuries. There are even festivals to celebrate their beautiful flowers, which last for only several weeks during spring. It is pretty easy to buy an Azalea of your own, but don’t forget they are highly toxic!

Mangrove Trees

Out of all the trees in Minecraft, the Mangrove is perhaps the most accurate! Their tangled roots can leave them standing far above the ground, especially at low tide, and their leaves are oval-like with a slight point. They even produce propagules just like in-game, which are ready-to-go seedlings that fall into the water and are carried by the tide to their new home.

Huge Fungus

Crimson Fungus Tree In Game Sadly both kinds of Huge Fungus trees found in the nether have no real-world counterparts. There are likely loose inspirations for them, but no official source has stated any as of writing this article.

Chorus Plants

Chorus plants are also fake but share a very similar appearance to Clavaria zollingeri, or violet coral, which grows in woodlands across the globe. Unfortunately, this fungus is currently labeled as vulnerable, which means it may one day be endangered.

Minecraft Trees in Real Life

Every Minecraft journey begins with punching a tree, but don’t forget to appreciate Minecraft trees in real life too! Perhaps a future update will replace saplings with more accurate items like mangroves. Who wouldn’t want birch noodles in-game, after all? Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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