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Minecraft in Reddit’s /r/place - Creepers, MCC, Streamers, & More

Posted on by bisecthosting

In 2017 Reddit released a collaborative project on April Fools with a simple design. Registered users were able to place one pixel on a large white canvas every five minutes. It began peacefully with users sharing the space and creating pixel art, but as the hours passed, communities gathered and a battle for the pixels began.

In the end, only the art of the most dedicated communities remained forever enshrined in /r/place. However, as of April Fools 2022, that battle has returned once again. Today we explore Reddit’s /r/place and its Minecraft related art, struggling to hold on.

What is /r/place?

Reddit’s /r/place is a canvas of white pixels that all registered Reddit users may place one pixel on every five minutes. In impressive feats of teamwork and coordination, communities across Reddit and the internet have jointly used their pixels to create various large-scale art pieces. However, the canvas is limited, and other communities may attempt to take those pixels for art of their own!

Reddit’s /r/place is as much a social experiment as it is a collaborative project, but for the users involved, it is a battle to see their art survive until the 72-hour mark is reached!

Minecraft Art in Reddit’s /r/Place

Minecraft in Reddit’s /r/place: Hidden Creeper

Scattered throughout the fierce battleground, Minecraft has a few smaller art pieces. Beneath the large and proud Ukrainian flag, a small Minecraft Steve and Creeper can be found. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Steve’s pixels are being taken by a separate flag to its left. Much the same is a Minecraft diamond sword down in the mid-bottom left struggling to hold on in a sea of among us characters.

However, up at the top middle, a creeper stands proudly among the artwork on a Swedish flag representing its country of origin.

MCC and Content Creator Art

MCC and HermitCraft

Just to the left of the upper-middle canvas, I am thrilled to say HermitCraft and MCC are holding a large area without contest! This can, of course, change in the time that remains, but hopefully, the community stays strong. After all, that anime girl below them could attack at any time!

Down near the middle left, not far from the struggling diamond sword, is Techoblade accompanied by multiple Minecraft faces. It states Technoblade will never die, and it holds a lot of meaning for those familiar with his ongoing battle with sickness. I have no doubt his community will ensure it remains until the 72-hour mark!

Finally, while not exactly Minecraft content creators, many streamers recognizable from the streamer awards have carved out their own space just left of the middle. Look for the giant OTK frog and Forsen face. They can’t be missed!

Minecraft in Reddit’s /r/place - Creepers, MCC, Streamers, & More

This article was written during the second day of /r/place’s 72-hour period, so it is very likely the canvas has changed drastically. Did the artwork I mentioned survive? Were any other Minecraft Easter eggs hidden around the map? Have you found Waldo? Explore the now likely archived, but once very active, canvas of Reddit’s /r/place here.

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