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Minecraft Frogs – All Known Details, Spawn Locations, & More

Posted on by bisecthosting

With a croak and ribbit, Minecraft’s newest mob has hopped its way into Bedrock Edition’s latest development builds. This has not been without its bugs, or fireflies to be more specific, and let’s not forget the mangrove trees too. Today we explore all currently known details about Minecraft frogs and the swamps they call home.

The Swamp Revamp

Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update is bringing many changes, but for those on the surface, majority will be found in the Mangrove swamp biome. Freshly updated with mud, mangrove trees, fireflies, and frogs, players will have plenty to explore but watch out for witches and their huts!

Mangrove trees will be the first tree with root blocks, and don’t underestimate mud! This all to normal block makes mud bricks, packed mud, and muddy mangrove roots. It can even be created with a bottle of water on dirt and dried out on top of dripstone to make clay! How many more secrets does 1.19 have in store?

Minecraft Frogs

Minecraft Frogs

Minecraft frogs will spawn in groups of two to five but can also be found in the infant form of tadpoles or “Frog Spawn,” which is eggs visibly laid when bred. At the time of posting, frogs are bred with slimeballs, but that is subject to change.

The frogs themselves come in three different colors depending on their birth biome’s temperature: orange, green, and white. Mojang has stated that each variant will have unique uses that likely refer to the new Froglight blocks, but more could very well still be added.

Speaking of froglight, these new luminous blocks are dropped by frogs upon eating small magma slimes. The color of each Froglight block even matches the frog used to create it! Frogs can additionally eat small slimes and fireflies.

The Life of Frog

Minecraft Tadpoles

Bred frogs take the form of Frog Spawn, which is a visible block. As time passes, tadpoles will eventually burst from the eggs and begin swimming about. Tadpoles don’t do much, but they can be put in a bucket. Should they be dropped on land, they will path find to water, and if an axolotl is nearby, they will panic and flee.

Once grown up, frogs hop about and eat as frogs usually do. They particularly enjoy sitting on big drip leaves and lily pads too. Frogs will eat small magma slimes, small slimes, and fireflies. They can also jump quite high and swim. In a previous developer build, they were eating full-grown goats alive, but that thankfully turned out to be unintentional.

In terms of player interaction, it seems their primary purpose will be to create Froglight blocks. They can not be tamed but are breedable, as previously mentioned.

Minecraft Frogs – All Known Details, Spawn Locations, & More

So ends all currently known details about frogs, but as with any developer builds, more features may yet come. What do you plan to do with Minecraft’s new hoppy friends? Personally, I will be making a frog pond just outside my home illuminated by a Froglight block or two.

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