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Minecraft Developer Q&A: Submit Your Questions Today!

Posted on by amber
Mojang has announced an exciting new event titled #AskMojang, a Minecraft developer Q&A. So, today we explain the restrictions, how to submit your questions, and what happened to the official video series that went by the same name.

Minecraft Developer Q&A Details & Dates

Mojang Logo Starting August 23, 2023 (today) Mojang will be accepting questions that will be answered over the next few days. While no deadline has been noted, it is best to get them in right away. The only restriction in place is questions must be about the Trails & Tales Update.

How to Submit a Question

Minecraft Developer Q&A Promo Image To Submit a question, Twitter users need only respond to the tweet above. A lucky few will then receive a reply from Mojang. For the best odds, make sure to include #AskMojang. While it was never stated as a restriction, indirectly promoting their event may be taken into consideration.

#AskMojang vs Ask Mojang (Video Series)

Twitter Logo Long-time fans may notice that Ask Mojang sounds familiar! For Three years, it was also a video series on the official Minecraft YouTube channel where members of the staff were asked various questions, not always related to the game. Sadly, the series ended over a year ago with its most controversial release titled, “Ask Mojang: What happened to the fireflies in Minecraft 1.19?” The series even used the same hashtag to get questions from fans. Perhaps this is the return of the series in a more direct format?

Minecraft Developer Q&A: Submit Your Questions Today!

Communication is always key, as controversial as that can sometimes be. Hopefully, this becomes a regular occurrence like the Ask Mojang series! A look behind the scenes is always enjoyable to see, especially from the development team. I suppose my personal question would be, why are Sniffer Eggs only found at the bottom of the sea? Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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