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Minecraft Allay – All Known Details, Spawn Locations, & More

Posted on by bisecthosting

The latest Java Edition snapshot has sent a little blue angel live, but where can one be found, how do they spawn, and what do they do? Today we will be going over Minecraft Allay, the latest mob added as of snapshot 22W13A.

Spawn Locations

Minecraft Allay

Allay can spawn in Woodland Mansions and Pillager outposts, but neither are guaranteed to have an Allay. Should an Allay have generated, it will always be locked away in a pillager’s cage or woodland mansion’s cell. Outside of spawn eggs, they are not known to spawn anywhere else.

Lending a Helping Hand

While Allay can not be tamed, friendships can be formed instead. Handing the little spirit-like creature a block or item will cause Allay to search the area for more. After finding some, Allay will pick up the blocks/items until reaching 64, at which point Allay returns to their favored player.

It is important to note Allay can not mine blocks meaning only dropped items floating on the ground can be obtained by Allay. This would perhaps be most useful when manually harvesting crops, for example. Alternatively, Allay mobs will search for items around note blocks and return items to note blocks they hear being played.

Befriended Allay mobs can follow players for vast distances, but they are slow and panic if hurt. Be careful where your new friend is brought as this rare mob is easily lost!

Player Concerns

Players who have tested out Allay have shared a few common concerns. The first we have seen around the web is that Allay’s slow speed makes it hard to bring on adventures. The second is that Allay mobs are very weak, and due to how rare Allays are, it is quite sad when they commonly die while accompanying the player.

On the more technical side, players have voiced their concerns about Allay only being linked to note blocks they hear for thirty seconds at a time. Additionally, Allay mobs treat all note blocks the same no matter how different the sound. However, this was likely purposeful on Mojang’s end to limit gameplay automation.

Minecraft Allay – All Known Details, Spawn Locations, & More

Minecaft Allay mobs are still in testing and could very well be changed, but overall, they are an adorable addition to the game. We hope to see more and more features for our new little friend!

Until Next Time,

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