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Minecraft 1.21 Trial Chamber Guide

Posted on by amber
A new dungeon has been discovered beneath the overworld that some are struggling to complete! So, today, we explore Minecraft 1.21’s Trial Chamber in our Trial Chamber guide and share its secrets step by step until walking its halls is considered nothing more than a breeze.

How to Find a Trial Chamber

Trial Chamber Guide: Entrance Chamber Screenshot Trial Chambers generate in random locations beneath the overworld between layers -20 and -40. Sadly, there are no specific indicators on the surface that they are below, so most will be found while mining or exploring caves.

Exploring a Trial Chamber

Trial Chamber Guide: Rest Chamber Screenshot Once the copper and tuff walls of a trial chamber have been found, break one block and take a peek within. What lies beyond can be anything from combat rooms to breeze boss rooms to various randomly generated loot rooms. Not every miner is going to be prepared for combat, so digging along the wall until a safer room is discovered may be the optimal option. Thankfully, no random mobs will spawn once inside unless they are from a trial spawner.

Trial Spawners

Trial Chamber Guide: Trial Spawner Screenshot Unique to Trial Chambers is a brand-new type of spawner that increases in power when multiple players are nearby. They attempt to spawn mobs every one to eight seconds and have a maximum number of mobs that can be generated before the spawner is defeated. These exact numbers are as follows:
Breeze Trial Spawner
  • Maximum Mob Count: 1 + 0.5 Per Additional Player
  • Total Mobs Spawned: 2 + 1 Per Additional Player
Trial Spawners
  • Maximum Mob Count: 2 + 1 Per Additional Player
  • Total Mobs Spawned: 6 + 2 Per Additional Player
Additionally, the blocks surrounding a trial spawner indicate the types of mobs that the spawner will contain. Below, we have listed what each block indicates.
  • Baby Zombie: Cobblestone & Mossy Cobblestone
  • Zombie: Mossy Cobblestone
  • Husk: Chiseled Sandstone
  • Spider: Stone With Cobweb
  • Cave Spider: Stone With Cobweb & Podzol With Mushroom
  • Silverfish: Stone Bricks
  • Slime: Moss Block
  • Skeleton: Bone Block
  • Skeleton With Arrows of Poison: Bone Block & Podzol With Mushroom
  • Stray: Packed ice
  • Breeze: Chiseled Tuff

The Breeze

Minecraft 1.21 Breeze Mob Screenshot Finally, we have the mob exclusive to Trial Chambers, known as the Breeze! These challenging mobs will hop around the battlefield, shooting balls of wind that not only damage the player but also activate buttons, trap doors, and levers. Depending on the design and generation of the battle chamber, this can result in traps shooting forth from the walls and even pitfalls appearing. While nowhere near as hard as the wither or ender dragon, they can be deadly to those who ignore their surroundings.

Trial Key

Minecraft 1.21 Trial Key After defeating the mobs within a trial spawner, it will generate some loot, including a new item called a Trial Key. Sadly, their purpose has not yet been shared or added to the game.

Minecraft 1.21 Trial Chamber Guide

And so, our Trial Chamber guide reaches its end. However, check back for updates as the development of Minecraft 1.21 continues to progress! We have no doubt the Trial Key will provide something no one could have guessed. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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