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Minecraft 1.20: Archeology Announced

Posted on by amber
Keeping to their promise from Minecraft Live, another of Mojang's Minecraft 1.20 announcements has arrived! This time archeology, making its debut in a snapshot as soon as this week. So, let's jump right into the details and get ready to dig!


Minecraft 1.20: Archeology Screenshot: Pottery & Pots Archeology will require a shovel, brush, and local desert temple surrounded by sand. Outside its sandstone walls, begin excavating until uncovering a new block known as suspicious sand. Then, with your trusty new brush tool, dust away whatever is hidden within! Mojang has not specified the entire loot table, but pottery shards have been confirmed for desert temples. Put four pieces together, and now you have a completed pot for decoration!

How To Obtain Brushes & Expanded Features

Minecraft 1.20: Archeology Screenshot: Brush Mojang did not share the brush recipe in their announcement, but an image of one makes it look like a stick and feathers. However, it seems odd an entire tool is being added for such a niche feature. In their blog, they stated more dig sites will be added but is that more in 1.20 or somewhere down the line? We can only hope jungle and ocean temples receive dig sites before the feature makes it to live!

Minecraft 1.20: The Archeology Update?

With Mojang teasing announcements for the remaining 1.20 features, players have begun to speculate that 1.20 may be the archology update. Templates scattered in ruins throughout the world, camels to ride in search of temples, and now archeology itself! Perhaps we will see the long await oasis as well?

Minecraft 1.20: Archeology Announced

Speculation is on the rise, and it is garnering many eyes! What is your prediction for the title of update 1.20? Some still say quality of life, others archaeology, or could it be “the catch up” update for features that were cut entirely? Looking at you, fireflies! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =) BisectHosting Minecraft Promotional Image
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