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Minecraft 1.19 Deep Dark Guide

Posted on by bisecthosting

Far beneath the surface, in the darkest of depths, is a biome that will put one’s courage to the test. The Wild Update included quite a few features, but the most anticipated of them all was the Deep Dark biome, and Mojang did not disappoint! Today we explore Minecraft’s scariest biome in our Minecraft 1.19 Deep Dark guide.

Finding The Deep Dark

Mangrove Swamp Biome Screenshot

The Deep Dark is a cave biome that is only found in the -y values of the overworld. While there are no sure-fire methods of locating a deep dark biome, it has been reported to generate far beneath mountain peaks and plateaus. Sadly, this means a lot of mining and exploring will be required to find one.

However, for those who don’t mind a little cheating, the “/locate structure” and “/locate biome” commands will provide exact coordinates for the Deep Dark and Ancient Cities alike.

The Deep Dark

Minecraft 1.19 Deep Dark Guide - Deep Dark Screenshot

Once the Deep Dark has been found, those who enter will immediately notice the emptiness and silence that surrounds them. Regular mobs can’t spawn, the cavern floors are covered by patches of sculk, and in the more extensive caverns, something lurks just in the dark.

Players in this biome will find five unique blocks that can all be gathered with silk touch: Sculk, Sculk Vein, Sculk Sensor, Sculk Catalyst, and Sculk Shrieker. Sculk and Sculk vein are both decorative and provide EXP when broken with a hoe. On the other hand, Sculk Sensors, Catalysts, and Shriekers each offer a unique function.

Sculk Sensors will light up and make noise when they detect movement or sound, activating redstone as well. Their appearance is like glowing seaweed so as not to confuse them with Sculk Shriekers. Sculk Catalysts cause sculk and sculk veins to spread when a mob is killed on or near it, and this works on the surface as well! Finally, Sculk Shriekers function similarly to sensors, but when they shriek four times, a monster of the depths is summoned forth.

The Warden

The Warden is a boss mob summoned by the fourth shriek of a Sculk Shrieker. This terrifying monster will hunt players relentlessly and very, very easily kill them if caught. As mentioned by Mojang, the Warden is not a monster that players are meant to defeat. That means run.

Wardens have 500 HP (250 hearts), their melee attacks are capable of one-shotting players with 45 points of damage (22.5 hearts) on hard difficulty, and their ranged attacks are not much kinder, dealing a hefty 15 damage (7.5 hearts) per hit.

As they are not meant to be farmed or killed, they only drop five experience and a single sculk catalyst. Players looking to defeat the Warden anyway may find luck with the methods described in our guide created during the early snapshots.

Ancient Cities

Minecraft 1.19 Deep Dark Guide - Ancient City Screenshot

A lucky few may find a sprawling city forgotten by time within the depths of the Deep Dark. Its streets are empty, not even a skeleton in sight, yet their belongings still fill the chests left behind. But warned, The Warden still lurks, ever waiting for those who don’t sneak.

The Deep Dark is filled with an abundance of unique blocks, structures, and loot. The most noticeable of which being the unobtainable reinforced deepslate frames that generate at the center of each city eerily resembling a portal.

Players will need to carefully navigate the city ruins, and for those who survive, an abundance of loot is your prize! While many pre-existing valuables are on the loot table, some notable new ones include the Swift Sneak Enchantment, Echo Shards, Disc Fragments, and sculk catalysts. And that’s not to say the rest of the loot table is anything to laugh at!

It is important to remember not every Deep Dark has an Ancient City. Keep searching, and don’t give up!

Minecraft 1.19 Deep Dark Guide

So ends our adventure into the Deep Dark. May your journey be silent and your bags full of treasure, but watch out for those Sculk Shriekers! Even if a Warden is somehow defeated, another is always waiting just out of sight in those dark city streets lost to unending night.

Until Next Time,

BisectHosting =)

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