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MCC Minecraft Collaboration: Date, Details, & Players

Posted on by amber
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For the first time in MCC history, an official collaboration between Minecraft and MCC has been declared! What does this mean for you and me? Well, today, we share all the official details on the MCC Minecraft Collaboration, so fans are ready for all that waits to be seen.

MCC Minecraft Collaboration: Date

No dates have yet been shared. However, the Noxcrew Twitter account has confirmed there will be a two-week Bedrock Edition party this summer where players can compete to reach the top of an unknown leaderboard. We will have it listed here as soon as we know when!

MCC Minecraft Collaboration: Details

At this time, only an "MCC Bedrock Edition party" has been confirmed, but chances are this party will be a Bedrock Edition server containing some of MCC's most popular minigames. For all we know so far, it may even be a beta test for a Bedrock Edition MCC Island! However, we can't help but wonder if that is all this event will truly entail. After all, what's MCC without the championship? Some speculators believe the server may coincide with a non-cannon MCC that includes official Minecraft staff and content creators selected by Mojang.

Potential Players

MCC Minecraft Collaboration: MCC Logo If the MCC Minecraft Collaboration were to include a non-cannon MCC, chances are we would see at least a few MCC regulars that have heavily influenced the Minecraft content space. Philza, for example, would be a prime candidate! However, it is ultimately all guesses. On Mojang's end, if they were to include themselves, we would likely see Agnes Larsson, Jens Bergensten, Vu Bui, and other members who frequently appear in Minecraft Live and Minecraft Monthly. How good would they be? Who knows! But it would be quite funny to see.

And So, We Wait

Until more information is revealed we can only continue to speculate. But, at the very least, we know the maximum length of our wait! At some point this summer, we will all be able to enjoy a Bedrock Edition party and perhaps even watch a non-cannon MCC. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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