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MCC Island Season 4: Ancient Jungle Live NOW

Posted on by amber
(Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes)
MCC Island Season 4 completely revamps the island, shakes up the economy, and adds Rocket Spleef Rush to the list of games players can enjoy. However, those massive changes only scratch the surface! This is MCC Island’s biggest update yet, and below, we do our best to include everything players can expect!

MCC Island Season 4: Ancient Jungle Highlights

Rocket Spleef Rush is undoubtedly the biggest draw, but that does not mean the other games have been forgotten! New maps and PVP items have found their way into the older games we know and love, and with the new leveling and quest systems, they also offer plenty of new rewards! Combining all that with a revamped island to explore, players will quickly find there is an ancient jungle worth of content ready to be enjoyed.

All MCC Island Season 4 Features

  • New Island Hub
  • Rocket Spleef Rush takes to the skies
  • New PVP items and maps
  • HITW - Introducing Fakeout Walls!
  • Game and QOL Updates!
  • Crown Levels - A new way to level up!
  • Factions Expanded, Rebalanced, and Island XP
  • Player Profile and UI overhaul
  • Earning your Rewards!
  • A whole new quest system
  • The Cosmetics, The Craft and the Wardrobe
  • Island Wide Economy changes
  • Getting to the Core
  • Material Economy and Crafting Improvements
  • New Shops and Changes
As mentioned before, just about every aspect of the island has been reworked, including the layout and how rewards are earned! Those familiar with the old systems will find the new ones much easier to follow and use, and with a better UI and organization options, there has never been a better time to expand your MCC wardrobe with ancient jungle loot. For a full write-up on each and every one of these changes, MCC Island has gone into detail on their very own update post: MCC Island Season 4: Ancient Jungle

How to Join MCC Island

MCC Island Server IP Screenshot MCC Island is open to all and completely free! To hop on the ferry and join today, follow the steps below, and you will quickly be on your way.
  1. Open Minecraft Java Edition
  2. Select the Latest Minecraft Release and Click “Play”
  3. Click “Multiplayer” Followed by “Add Server”
  4. Paste “” Without Quotations into the Server Address
  5. Ensure “Server Resource Packs” Is Set to “Enabled”
  6. Click Done
From there, all that remains is selecting MCC Island and clicking “Join Server” to enjoy the game! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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