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MCC Island Open Beta Announced – Date, New Games, & More

Posted on by amber
Half a year has gone by since the MCC Island closed beta went live, and yesterday we received news of a much needed revive! Today we explore the MCC Island Open Beta, new features upon its tropical shores, and what other bits of fun the Noxcrew have in store.

MCC Island Open Beta

MCC Island is a public server by the creators of Minecraft Championship. Here players can join their favorite content creators in a variety of minigames, earn countless cosmetics, and explore the myriad secrets that MCC Island hides upon its tropical shores. At this time, no official date has been shared for when the open beta will go live. However, Noxite of the Noxcrew has stated we can expect the ferry to arrive in a few months’ time.

New Games, Progression Changes, & Cosmetics

Starting with the most exciting news, Parkour Warrior and an entirely new game described as being pvp casual will be available shortly after the open beta launches. Noxite even went on to tease other games that will be coming further down the line, such as the highly anticipated Ace Race. Hopefully we will soon have the full MCC lineup to try! Progression is also receiving quite the overall with plenty of new rewards, leveling systems, an achievement rework, and a new system called milestones. As for cosmetics, there will be more ways to complete your favorite collections than ever before.


MCC Island is confirmed to be free to play once the open beta arrives and will be monetized through game passes, battle passes, and purchasable currency for premium cosmetics. Battle passes will function in a similar manner to most games, with a limited timeframe to complete them before they are gone forever. However, game passes available for each game on MCC Island can be purchased at any date and done at your own pace.

MCC Island Open Beta Announced – Date, New Games, & More

MCC island continues to show so much potential, and we will be there the day the open beta goes live! It is just a shame we will have to wait months for that day to arrive. Is there a game after Parkour Warriors you hope to see added? Ace Race or riot! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =) BisectHosting Minecraft Promotional Image
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