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MCC Island News! Beta Selection, Minigames, & More

Posted on by amber

MCC Island updates have arrived, and with them, much-anticipated details players will want to know before the beta goes live! So, today we explore all new MCC Island news, including beta selection information, the initial minigames, and each available faction to show your MCC pride.

Beta Selection Details

MCC Island Beta Email

To address concerns surrounding the beta selection process, the Noxcrew confirmed that free admissions would be completely random. Upon the beta’s start date, players will be selected in small waves from those who signed up, and those waves will then grow larger as the closed beta progresses.

The lucky few selected will be sent an email confirming their admission and a request for their Minecraft Java Edition username. Only then will they be sent to the MCC Island webstore where the free admission ticket can be redeemed.

More Fast pass details are coming soon!

Initial MCC Island Minigames

Four fan favorites will be available upon launch of the MCC Island closed beta: To Get To The Other Side, Hole in the Wall, Sky Battle, and Battle Box. However, they noted that each game would have a few never before seen surprises in store, making them differ from those seen in MCC.

As for rewards, players will not be getting the signature MCC coins but game tokens, coin bags and customisation kits based on personal scores. These rewards will offer a variety of uses, but cosmetics and faction contributions were prominently mentioned.

Look forward to slight combat changes and custom items within the minigames as well!

Factions Revealed

MCC Factions

The MCC Island’s ten joinable factions have finally been revealed, and they’re the MCC teams we all know and love. After your arrival, the faction master will guide players in selecting one, and that faction’s part of the island will become your base of operations and home.

There, daily faction quests can be found alongside unique cosmetics vendors for representing your team. Players can even raise their faction loyalty, earning exclusive rewards. Which of the signature MCC teams will you lead to victory?

MCC Island News! Beta Selection, Minigames, & More

MCC Island can’t come soon enough, and it is still crazy to think it’s almost here. Have you signed up for the beta? If not, there is still some time to do so by following our guide! Hopefully, we will see you and many more beneath the summer sun when the close beta goes live.

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