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MCC Island Closed Beta Begins – How to Join, Founder’s Cosmetics, & More

Posted on by amber

After nearly two years, the MCC Island closed beta is finally here! The ferry has begun boarding, those first to the island’s shores will have a few exclusive cosmetics in store, and now is your chance to become an MCC All-Star! Today we explore the MCC Island closed beta and the steps needed to get your ticket ashore.

Joining the MCC Island Closed Beta

MCC Island Closed Beta Cosmetics

Not yet on board? We have good news! It is not too late to sign up for free admission by following our guide here. However, for those who do not wish to play the odds and have money to spare, instant access is now available through three paid options.

Starter Bundle – $15.34 USD
  • Closed Beta Fast Pass
  • 100 Gems
  • Beta Exclusive Cosmetic (Founder’s Crown)
Champ Bundle – $29.51 USD
  • Champ Rank
  • Closed Beta Fast Pass
  • 250 Gems
  • Beta Exclusive Cosmetic (Founder’s Crown)
Grand Champ Bundle – $53.14 USD
  • Grand Champ Rank
  • Closed Beta Fast Pass
  • 500 Gems
  • Beta Exclusive Cosmetic (Founder’s Crown)
  • Beta Exclusive Cosmetic (Founder’s Aura)

Make sure to confirm you are on the official MCC Island store before making any purchases! A link can be found here.

Available Features

Those packing for the island can look forward to selectable factions, the crafting system, an abundance of free cosmetics, and an entire island ready to be explored. But most importantly, four minigames from MCC we know and love!

Battle Box

In a PVP battle of four teams of four, fight for control of the center of the map and fill it with your wool before the timer runs out. A fan and player favorite from MCC!

Sky Battle

In the closed beta’s second PVP minigame, eight teams of four spawn on equally spaced islands and must battle against each other as time slowly runs out. Find loot and survive for as long as possible!

Hole in the Wall

Hole in the wall is exactly as the name describes! Dodge moving platforms to be the last one alive.


Finally, we have “To Get To The Other Side,” which again plays as its name describes. By building, parkour, and a little punching, be the first to the other side!

First Impressions

MCC Island Closed Beta Screenshot

I was lucky enough to gain access to MCC Island and have been having a blast! The island is littered with secrets, including hidden vendors, the server and its minigames run smooth with minimal lag, and the friendly community provides some fun commentary when I am often coming in last.

The custom mechanics of the server, such as crafting, were also interesting, and I was very fond of the daily quests and achievements, which provide fun goals to strive for. So much so that I joined Aqua Axolotls to be with other achievement hunters!

Overall, a fantastic server in the making.

MCC Island Closed Beta Begins

The Noxcrew have already hit it out of the park, and MCC Island has only just begun! We can’t wait to see what the server will look like once they go live. Hopefully, we will be surprised with a few new minigames before the closed beta ends. Normally we would say its unlikely, but not when it comes to the Noxcrew!

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