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Last Oasis

Last Oasis Furnace Crafting Requirements & All Recipes

Posted on by justin
Surviving in Last Oasis means crafting various important items like charcoal, tar, and more in crafting stations like the furnace.

How to Craft the Furnace in Last Oasis

Last Oasis Furnace Tech Tree Not to be confused with the Advanced Furnace, the Basic Furnace in Last Oasis is a Tier 3 crafting station. Players can unlock it using three tablets regardless of type. Additionally, you can place it on the ground, even if the in-game description says it must be on a Walker. Once unlocked, craft the Last Oasis Furnace using the following items:
  • 85x Stone
  • 25x Wood Shaft
  • 20x Clay
  • 14x Fiber Weave
  • 25x Earth Wax
Stone is a common resource found in various locations within the Last Oasis map. However, you must defeat Rupus to farm Wood Shafts and Fiber Weaves. It’s also possible to gather Fiber Weave by destroying pots in Rupu villages. As for Clay, excavate this resource from Clay deposit areas using a Soil Excavator. Finally, craft Earth Wax by using Mushroom Flesh at the Stomping Station. Note: Use the modkit to help bypass certain restrictions in crafting and using the Furnace.

All Furnace Crafting Recipes in Last Oasis

Last Oasis Furnace Use the Furnace in Last Oasis to make Charcoal, Tar, and Ceramic Shard. Note that you must use the correct material for the crafting station to yield the right product. So, here are the crafting recipes using the Furnace and their respective requirements:
  • Charcoal: Wood
  • Tar: Earth Wax
  • Ceramic Shard: Clay
Additionally, players must use the correct fuel for the item they want to craft in the Furnace. The required types of fuel for each item are as follows:
  • Charcoal (takes 10 minutes): 300x Wood, 30x Charcoal, 10x Liquid Fuel, or 5x Rupu Gel
  • Tar (takes 44 minutes): 1,320x Wood, 132x Charcoal, 44x Liquid Fuel, or 27x Rupu Gel
  • Ceramic Shard (takes 24 minutes): 700x Wood, 75x Charcoal, 25x Liquid Fuel, and 17x Rupu Gel
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