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Last Oasis

Last Oasis Dedicated Server Hosting Available Now With BisectHosting

Posted on by justin
What happens when the Earth suddenly stops rotating? Most life on the planet would cease to exist. Thankfully, humans, now nomads, band together to survive in Last Oasis. Work together in a Last Oasis dedicated server with BisectHosting to ensure your survival. As a nomad, your objective is to survive through the harshness brought by the cataclysmic global event. Work with other nomads as you trade, craft, build, and fight through different dangers. Control giant, wind-powered walking machines called Walkers and command the new Earth with them to ensure your survival.

Last Oasis Dedicated Server Hosting Available Now

Last Oasis Dedicated Server Developed by Donkey Crew and released as an Early Access title on March 26, 2020, Last Oasis is a survival MMO. Here, players can explore the Earth even after it stopped rotating. Now, one portion of the planet is covered by eternal darkness while the other bathes in a never-setting sun. Survive and thrive using the various in-game features and mechanics, including the following:
Walk the Land with Walkers
Walkers are akin to the heart and soul of Last Oasis. Although they resemble vehicles, these massive mobile structures can do more than a means of transportation. Each Walker can become resource gatherers, mobile bases, and even potential weapons. Rule the new Earth with Walkers and represent ingenuity and resilience with other Nomads.
Skill-Based Melee Combat
Last Oasis focuses on a unique directional melee combat system emphasizing skill over button mashing. In particular, attacks and blocks can come from three directions: left, right, and overhead. You must study your opponent's movements to prevent an early grave, especially when fighting against the dreaded Rupu, the game’s primary enemy type.
Dynamic Movement
Every Nomad has a grappling hook, providing the game with a new layer of movement. Use this tool to swing from point to point, scale structures, and even enter enemy Walkers. Free your mind and think outside the box when using the grappling hook to complete actions like surprise attacks or escape from sticky situations.
Immerse in a Player-Driven Economy
Trading in Last Oasis concentrates on player interaction, requiring nomads to navigate a dynamic market. Trade between players at designated Trade Stations scattered around the map. Then, pay attention to the value of goods based on supply and demand. Put your economic skills to the test and gain excellent deals from different purchases.
Shape the Game with the Modkit
Gain even more control over your Last Oasis game with the official modkit. Use powerful tools to craft experiences that are only limited to the imagination. Take advantage of the built-in editor to test features in a local PC environment, reducing the risks of instability when launching the mod.

Last Oasis Dedicated Server Features

Survive in this relentless world with other Nomads in a Last Oasis dedicated server while using helpful server features like the following:
  • Always Online: Never worry about who needs to host your server again! BisectHosting’s Last Oasis servers are always online, letting you and your friends play at your preferred time.
  • 24/7 Last Oasis Support: Our support specialists are always ready any day or week to ensure we answer your concerns and queries about your Last Oasis dedicated server.
  • DDoS Protection: Focus on dealing with Rupus and other dangers while we prevent other threats from attacking your Last Oasis dedicated server with free DDoS protection.
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