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Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 Server Hosting Available Now with BisectHosting

Posted on by justin
Do you fancy a clone-hunting time in post-apocalyptic continental Europe? If so, Killing Floor 2 might be the game for you! Kill hordes of horrific and murderous clones called Zeds to ensure your team's survival. Choose from a range of characters that fit your Zed-slaying aesthetic and from a selection of perks (classes) that you can mold to your play style. Sound like a fun time? You can enjoy the action now with our brand new BisectHosting Killing Floor 2 dedicated server hosting services!

Killing Floor 2 Dedicated Server Hosting Available Now

Killing Floor 2 Server Hosting Developed by Tripwire Interactive, Killing Floor 2 is a first-person shooter released as an Early Access title in April 2015. Then, its full release was in November 2016. The game embraces multiplayer but also provides solo play as an option. Start your descent into post-apocalyptic continental Europe today to enjoy in-game features like the following:
Team Up With Friends
Although you can hunt Zeds alone, it's not advisable. These bloodthirsty experiments can easily gang up on unsuspecting survivors. Thankfully, you can team up with up to 5 additional online buddies to blast through the seemingly endless waves of incoming enemies.
Perks & Leveling Up
Each player can use unique perks, enhancing the team’s survival rate. For instance, one teammate can take the Medic perk that heals players and deals AoE damage with “Healing” grenades. Alternatively, you or another player can use the Berserker perk, which becomes the team’s vanguard thanks to the enhanced toughness. Additionally, killing Zeds rewards you with experience points (XP). Use the XP to improve your chosen perk. For example, increasing the Berserker perk's level gives a player immunity to being grabbed by Clots. As for the Sharpshooter, the player with this perk gains a massive 140% increase in headshot damage at Level 6 when using weapons like the 9mm Pistol and Lever Action Rifle.
An Unending Onslaught of Zeds
Zeds aren't your typical zombie-like beings that typically run straight to feast on human flesh. Instead, these murderous clones come in different varieties, each with unique abilities that can scare the living daylights out of the mightiest post-apocalyptic veteran. For instance, the Cyst is the basic Zed that can come at you by the dozens. Don't forget to watch out for Stalkers, as these special Zeds bend light to ensure they remain undetectable to the untrained eye. Then there are Sirens and their ear-piercing screams that can destroy nearby explosives, rendering them useless.
Massive Weapon Library
Killing Floor 2 has no shortage of weapons to choose from in killing Zeds. Select from a wide range of classic assault rifles to crazy flamethrowers. Some players may also want to choose melee weapons, like the trusty Fire Axe, or lay waste to enemies like in medieval times with a Battleaxe. If not, you can’t go wrong with your dependable fists (although you won’t deal much damage with them).
Different Game Modes
Choose from Killing Floor 2's game modes that best fit your unique play style. There's the Survival Mode, the traditional Killing Floor experience wherein players defeat waves of Zeds, including the occasional bosses. Alternatively, test your skills with other players in Survival Vs., a PVP version of the standard Survival Mode. If not, aim to satisfy your seemingly endless craving for hunting Zeds in Endless Mode.

Killing Floor 2 Dedicated Server Features

Time to join in on the Zed-slaying fun with your mates and other online pals with a Killing Floor 2 dedicated server. Use BisectHosting’s dedicated server hosting services to enjoy various features, such as the following:
  • Instant Setup: Choose to start a Killing Floor 2 dedicated server now and have it ready to go in a few easy steps!
  • 24/7/365 Support: Our Killing Floor 2 server support team is always standing by for your concerns and queries. Also, our knowledgeable support staff won't make you wait long for a reply, as you'll have it in under 15 minutes.
  • Custom Control Panel: Manage your Killing Floor 2 dedicated server through our intuitive and easy-to-use control panel. It's a powerful, beginner-friendly tool for server administrators who want more control over their Killing Floor 2 server hosting experience.
If you’re ready to start hunting Zeds with a Killing Floor 2 dedicated server with BisectHosting, click the link below!
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