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Juneteenth History Taught in New Minecraft Maps

Posted on by bisecthosting

For Americans, Juneteenth is now officially a new Federal holiday! To help teach its historical significance, Mojang have put out some new maps on the Minecraft: Education Edition.

Minecraft for Education, Role in the Classroom

Minecraft has been an absolute cultural phenomena. Along the way, Minecraft continues to evolve to fill plenty of different roles beyond being one of the most innovative games ever made.

One of these roles that might surprise many is Minecraft as an educational tool, and Mojang have continued to develop the Minecraft: Education Edition to grow it. And the Minecraft: Education Edition has stepped up massively during COVID-19 quarantine.

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With a new Federal holiday, Juneteenth, approved, a new classroom module has is here to teach about it!

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Juneteenth Lessons in Minecraft

Minecraft: Education Edition has several new maps to help teach the historical significance of Juneteenth. These maps were developed by Natasha Rachell and Felisa Ford, two innovative leaders from the Atlanta public school system. 

Both Rachell and Ford worked on another module in the Minecraft: Education Edition centering on social justice titled “Good Trouble”.

There are now three different Juneteenth Minecraft maps, “Juneteenth: Why We Celebrate”, “Juneteenth: Freedom Day”, and the “Juneteenth Build Challenge”. 

Each map serves a different purpose, and targets different age ranges in the classroom.

You can find the Juneteenth Minecraft maps as well as their accompanying lesson plans here.

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