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Icarus Dedicated Server Hosting Available Now With BisectHosting

Posted on by justin
You're one of a few left behind after humanity’s greatest mistake – the collapse of a second Earth. Now, you and your companions should learn to survive on Icarus, the remnants of the so-called new world. It’s time to endure and thrive in this brave new world with an Icarus dedicated server, now available with BisectHosting! Thankfully, you and your fellow prospectors can live a semblance of a normal life in Icarus. However, you must start from scratch. Farm, hunt, fight, cook, mine, build, and do whatever it takes to ensure your survival in this not-so-desolate world. Get started today.

Icarus Dedicated Server Hosting Available Now

Icarus Dedicated Server As its title implies, Icarus draws inspiration from the Greek myth of the same name but with a sci-fi twist. Developed by RocketWerkz, Icarus is a player vs. environment (PvE) survival title that requires cooperation with up to seven other players in a server. Use the game’s various features and systems to ensure your survival, such as the following:
Survive and Conquer a Harsh World
Icarus presents prospectors with various challenges and hazards ranging from its toxic atmosphere to forest fires. Additionally, humans aren't the only beings in this failed attempt at a new Earth. Here, you and other players must fight and survive dangerous creatures, some of which are apex predators. Can you move up the planet’s food chain or stay at the bottom?
Complete Challenges Using Various Mechanics
Icarus lets players take advantage of a wide array of in-game mechanics to help with survival. Here, you can farm crops, build structures, craft powerful gear, develop electricity networks, catch fish, and even keep pets!
Hundreds of Hours of Exploration
There’s always something new to find while exploring the different voxel-based biomes of Icarus. Discover and enter hidden caves or walk across vast plains. Every tree is harvestable, and prospectors can mine every rock. Additionally, it's possible to tame some creatures living in this world. Domesticate known animals, like buffalos, horses, and zebras. Alternatively, tame creatures native to this land, such as the powerful yet slow Tusker. Ride these beings and explore Icarus differently than walking on your feet.
Make Survival Easier with Multiplayer
It’s tough to survive in a seemingly hopeless world with no one but yourself. Thankfully, up to eight players can work together to survive and thrive in online co-op. That way, completing objectives, such as unlocking the four tiers of technology and crafting majestic bases, becomes easier and faster than doing these tasks alone.

Icarus Dedicated Server Features

Each Icarus dedicated server from BisectHosting comes with various helpful features. Some of these are the following:
  • Always Online: Hop into the game whenever you wish, as your Icarus dedicated server never sleeps!
  • 24/7 Icarus Support: You might be left behind in a new world, but we won’t! Our capable support staff is standing by to help you with server-related concerns and queries 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Automated Updates: Don't worry about keeping up with updates for your Icarus dedicated server—let us handle it for you! Our Icarus dedicated server hosting services include automatic updates for your server. Manual update options are still offered.
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