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Hytale Development Timeline

Posted on by amber
Another year without Hytale reaches its end, but at the very least, development continues as planned! So, today we explore the entirety of the Hytale development timeline from early beginnings to the latest updates from the devs. Hopefully, 2024 will mark the year this article has “Hytale’s Release” at its end!

What is Hytale?

Hytale Logo From the creators of one of Minecraft’s largest servers comes the highly anticipated Hytale! A sandbox RPG set to turn the gaming community upside down. As soon as it is released sometime in 2024 or 2025, the best Hytale server hosting will be found here at BisectHosting! (So keep us bookmarked until then ♥ )

Hytale Development Timeline

Hytale News 2023: Outlander Concept Art
  • MVP+ purchasers promised “early access testing” of an unknown videogame being developed by the Hypixel Minecraft Server.
    • This promise was reaffirmed in 2018 by Simon.
  • Mojang’s EULA goes live, serving as a significant catalyst for the Hypixel team wanting to make their own game.
    • “It was definitely a huge reminder for us that, yes, you have this big community but you still exist within someone else’s playing field, right? And we wanted to build our own playing field.” - Aron “Noxy” Donaghey in Rock Paper Shotgun, December 20th, 2018
  • January 4th - The first behind the scenes look goes live, revealing details about Hytale’s world of Orbis alongside its first four zones and their respective biomes and generation.
  • January 18th - The Hytale Model Maker Blog is shared. A separate and free program set to launch alongside Hytale that will allow content creators to add their own assets to the game.
  • January 25th - Fans are shown how servers and multiplayer will function in Hytale.
    • Server owners will be able to customize every aspect of the game down to the weather, and using the previously mentioned model maker, custom assets can be made and added as well.
    • Servers are confirmed to be on Java, with home hosting or paid hosting both being options.
  • February 8th - Hytale’s blocks receive their own post showcasing an unexpected amount of features and abundance of customization.
  • February 15th - Fans receive their first look at Hytale’s character customization system.
  • March 1st - Hytale team shares details on “zone 1” of Orbis.
  • March 8th - The much-anticipated look into Hytale’s building goes live.
  • April 4th - The Hytale team’s first blog regarding mob AI is shared alongside their goals surrounding it.
  • April 12th - Zone three is showcased for the first time.
  • May 3rd - A blog titled “An Update From The Hytale Team” is released, detailing the Hytale team’s experiences thus far, their growing staff, and the rising excitement surrounding the game.
  • July 24th - Part two of the zone three showcase is released.
  • November 27th - The Hytale team reveals new biomes, monsters, farming, and a graphics update.
  • November 27th – Hytale receives an initial release date of 2021.
  • November 27th - The Hytale team shares that they will no longer be releasing multiple blog posts each month. One monthly progress update will be released each month instead.
  • December 12th - The first monthly progress update showcases new objective and content progression
  • June 17th - The Hytale team officially speaks for the first time in 2024, sharing a behind-the-scenes look at Hytale’s Entity Component System titled Flecs.
  • Present - Sadly, this is where Hytale’s story currently ends.

Hytale Development Timeline - End

As Hytale development continues, so will our timeline! We hope it has helped summarize this decade-long journey. See you in Orbis someday! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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