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How to Transport Villagers in Minecraft 1.21+

Posted on by amber
(Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes)
Attempting to transport villagers has always been a pain, but as of Minecraft 1.21, there is no longer a need to struggle in vain! Today, we explain step by step how to transport villagers in Minecraft 1.21+ using a method faster than any other in the game.

Step One: Craft a Boat

Minecraft 1.21 Boat Crafting Recipe The first step for rapidly transporting villagers in Minecraft 1.21+ is crafting a trusty boat. This is done by placing three wooden planks of the same kind along the bottom row of a crafting table and then one wooden plank on the left and right sides of the middle row. The boat should now be ready to go!

Step Two: Craft a Lead

Minecraft 1.21 Lead Crafting Recipe Step two is crafting leads, which can be done with four string and a slimeball on a crafting table. Start by placing one string on the top row’s left-most slot, followed by one string on the top row’s middle slot. Next, place one string in the left-most slot of the middle row, followed by the slimeball right in the middle of the crafting table. Finally, place one string in the right-most corner of the bottom row. This process should result in two leads, both of which we recommend keeping on hand.

Step Three: Place the Boat Beneath a Villager or Two

How to Transport Villagers: Villager in Boat Screenshot This step can be accomplished by finding a village or curing zombie villagers. Regardless of the source, all that’s needed is placing the boat beneath the villager’s feet. This should result in them getting trapped inside until the upcoming journey is complete.

Step Four: Attach the Lead

How to Transport Villagers: Two Villagers in Boat Screenshot As of Minecraft 1.21, players can now attach leads to boats, including those with villagers inside! Simply attach the lead, drag the boat to another villager to get them inside too, and then begin the journey home. Just be sure to look back now and then to check if the lead has broken!

How to Transport Villagers in Minecraft 1.21+

Transporting villagers has become as easy as can be, and the process can be repeated as many times as one could possibly need. We hope our short guide has helped getting your villagers to where they need to be! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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