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How to Passively Gather Ore in Palworld

Posted on by amber
(Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes)
Not far into Palworld, players will quickly notice their need for ore growing more and more, but how does one keep up when almost every recipe uses smelted bars? Today, we answer that question and more in our guide, “How to Passively Gather Ore in Palworld.”

Creating an Ore Base

How to Passively Gather Ore in Palworld: Ore Base Location Screenshot The best way to passively gather ore is by creating an ore base! This is simply a Palbox placed in an area densely packed with the big rocks that give ore. For example, the spot in our screenshot above is one such area that remains a fantastic base location even late into the game.

How to Passively Gather Ore

Palworld Ore Base Location on Map Screenshot Once the base has been settled, fill the Pal slots with Pals that specialize in mining. Some early game examples are Cattiva and Fuddler, which can be caught in abundance. As long as they are not distracted by other tasks, they should begin mining the large chunks of ore right away. Add some pals for transport, and a full-blown mining operation can be up and running within the very same day!

Managing an Ore Base

Palworld Stone Pit Screenshot Once the initial setup is complete, an ore base will run with near independence. Just make sure there is a chest for the ore, plenty of food to keep the Pals fed, a Hot Spring to lower stress, and basic defenses to handle raids. Outside of that, one important note is that the Stone Pit can cause Pals to focus on stone rather than the ore. A trick players can use to circumvent this is building the Stone Pit on a raised platform where the stairs can be deleted to remove access. This, in turn, creates a toggle for when you would like your Pals to also gather stone.

How to Passively Gather Ore in Palworld

A Pal Tamer can never have enough ore! It is the main source of Pal Spheres, so always be gathering more. Just don’t forget to give your pickaxe a regular repair and restore! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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