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How to Get Capes in Minecraft Java Edition

Posted on by bisecthosting

Capes in Minecraft Java Edition are quite the rarity. They can’t be bought, and most are never seen, but does that mean there are none left to achieve? Today we will be exploring capes in Minecraft Java Edition. Some famous examples, how to obtain one, and those yet to come.

Capes of Days Past

How to Get Capes in Minecraft Java Edition: One Millionth Copy Cape

Minecraft Java Edition has a surprisingly large number of capes! Twenty-four, in fact. But what makes them rare is how few were given out. Many were personal gifts from Minecraft’s creator, Notch, while others were exclusive rewards. The most recent example being the legacy Java Edition cape granted to those who migrated from a Mojang account to a Microsoft account.

Other famous examples are the 2011 Minecon Cape which was given only to the attendees of the Minecon 2011, and official Mojang employee capes that continue to change every few years. There are many lesser-known capes as well. For example, the one millionth Minecraft copy buyer was given a purple cape with a star that most players will never see.

But why does this matter to someone trying to get a cape today? Sadly, it shows that Java Edition capes have a trend of being rare and hard to come by. A vastly different situation from Bedrock Edition, where they can simply be bought.

How to Get Capes in Minecraft Java Edition

How to Get Capes in Minecraft Java Edition: Migrator Cape

The most recent way to obtain capes in Minecraft Java Edition was through legacy account migrations, but the deadline has since passed. As of March 24, 2022, there remains no legitimate method of obtaining a cape in Minecraft Java Edition.

Capes of Festivals Yet to Come

MineCon 2016 Cape

Minecraft Festival was canceled due to the global pandemic, but it has since been rescheduled for 2022. Attendees of this event in Orlando, Florida, may get a cape much like Minecon. However, it is expected that only those who scan their tickets at the door will actually be given the cape. This restriction has existed for the past few Minecons and is very likely to carry over.

Speaking of Minecon, there are likely more yet to come! None have actually been confirmed, of course, but capes would be an expected reward for attending.

Veteran Capes (Rumored)

MineCon 2011 Cape

There have been loosely confirmed whispers of veteran capes coming to Java Edition. These would be capes for each year players have owned their Java Edition account, with the oldest accounts receiving all of them. There are few details on veteran capes at this time, but we sure do hope they turn out to be real!

A Cape’s End

Minecraft Java Edition capes continue to be a rare cosmetic for those who own them, but the migrator cape has set a broader standard for their distribution. While we can not predict the future, it seems Mojang is moving away from them being exclusive, but we can only wonder to what extent. Will we soon see purchasable capes in Minecraft Java Edition? We would love to know if you think so!

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