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How to Find Trial Chambers in Minecraft 1.21

Posted on by amber
A new dungeon is spawning across the overworld, but they are not exactly easy to find. So, today, we explain how to find trial chambers in Minecraft 1.21.

How to Find Trial Chambers in Minecraft 1.21

1: Mining

Trial Chambers generate between layers -20 and -40 of the overworld with no indication on the surface that they are below. This leaves strip mining and exploring caves as the most common ways trial chambers will be found. It is also a good way to get some mining done!

2: Cartographer Villagers

The fastest and most sure-fire way to find a trial chamber is by purchasing a trial explorer map from a cartographer villager. This will provide the exact location of a nearby trial chamber at the cost of some emeralds. Upon purchasing, head to the depicted location and simply dig a staircase down.

3: Console Commands

Finally, for those who do not mind console commands, there is a specific command that will not only provide the nearest trial chambers’ coordinates but include an option to teleport there as well. To use this on your world or server, the command would be as follows: /locate structure Minecraft:trial_chambers It is important to note that only those with sufficient permissions will be able to use the command above on a server.

Exploring Once Found

Minecraft 1.21 Trial Chambers hard mode combat screenshot with Breeze Once a trial chamber has been found, it is important to remember that it is not always safe to look around. Trial spawners fill the halls, spawning mobs that can easily take an unprepared player down. Before diving in, we recommend getting some combat equipment of at least an iron level alongside lots of food. Should a trial spawner be successfully cleared, they can drop a trial key, which unlocks a vault filled with loot. And don’t forget, trial chambers offer a hidden hard mode too. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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