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How to Find the Breeze in Minecraft 1.21

Posted on by amber
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Somewhere in the overworld, hidden among the winds, the Breeze waits for challengers in its long-buried den. So, today, we answer, “How to Find the Breeze in Minecraft 1.21.”

How to Find the Breeze

How to Find the Breeze in Minecraft 1.21: Breeze Mob Screenshot The Breeze spawns exclusively within Trial Chambers, a structure that generates between layers -20 and -40 of the overworld. This means players seeking the Breeze will first need to find a Trial Chamber and brave its halls, where many combat challenges reside. Eventually, a room with Trial Spawners surrounded by Chiseled Tuff will be discovered. Chiseled Tuff indicates that the Trial Spawner will spawn the Breeze. The specific number of Breezes that a Trial Spawner can spawn varies depending on the number of players nearby, but a cleared Trial Spawner will always return after thirty minutes’ time. The exact spawn numbers can be found below:
  • Maximum Mob Count: 1 + 0.5 Per Additional Player
  • Total Mobs Spawned: 2 + 1 Per Additional Player

Breeze Drops

  • Breeze Rod (1-2)
  • Experience (10)
The Breeze drops only one item called a “Breeze Rod” in stacks of one to two. These rods can be broken down into four Wind Charges, used in part to craft the Mace, or used alongside diamonds to craft duplicates of the Flow Armor Trim. Wind Charges themselves are projectiles much like those the Breeze fires during combat and can be thrown using the “Use Control” button, which is right-click on a mouse or left trigger on a controller. Wind Charges have a ten-second cooldown before reuse. As for what Wind Charges do, that depends on the target. If thrown at one’s own feet, they will be launched into the air. If thrown at someone else, they will be knocked back. And finally, If thrown at interactable blocks such as doors and levers, it will change their active state. However, they are best used in combination with the Mace, which deals more damage the farther one falls.
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