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How to Find Heavy Cores in Minecraft 1.21

Posted on by amber
(Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes)
Minecraft 1.21 Tricky Trials has arrived, meaning there is plenty of new loot to try! So, today, we explain step by step how to find heavy cores to craft a mace in no time.

Step 1: Preparations

Minecraft 1.21 Heavy Core Guide: Preparing to Depart Screenshot Heavy cores are not easily obtained and will take more than a few mobs being slain. Before the journey begins, we recommend at least diamond armor and weapons, a pickaxe, torches, plenty of food, some milk, and healing potions too.

Step 2: Finding Trial Chambers

Minecraft 1.21 Heavy Core Guide: Finding a Trial Chamber Screenshot Once everyone is ready to set out, the next step is finding a trial chamber, so get ready to scout! They generate between layers -20 and -40 of the overworld with no indication on the surface, making strip mining and caving the most common ways they will be encountered. However, for those having trouble, cartographer villagers sell trial explorer maps that will provide the location of a nearby trial chamber.

Step 3: Looting Trial Chambers

Looting a Trial Chamber Vault Screenshot Heavy cores are found within trial chambers but only from ominous vaults. This means our next step is obtaining an ominous trial key. To do that, everyone will need to clear trial spawners and loot regular vaults until ominous bottles are found. These will activate a hard mode, providing the loot that we need.

Step 4: Ominous Trial Chambers

Ominous Trial Spawner & Skeleton Screenshot Our next step begins with drinking the contents of an ominous. Doing so will cause the player to receive a status effect titled “Bad Omen,” and if within a trial chamber, it will turn into a “Trial Omen.” This status effect transforms the trial spawners nearby into ominous trial spawners and updates their loot table to include ominous trial keys. But be warned! Ominous trial spawners spawn mobs with better equipment, shoot projectiles at players, and even summon harmful potions that drop on nearby players’ heads. This is where all that preparation from step one will shine and save the day!

Step 5: Looting Ominous Vaults

Ominous Vault and Heavy Core Screenshot The final step is looting ominous vaults. They are much rarer than standard vaults, and only a few will be generated per trial chamber. Unfortunately, their low numbers combined with the heavy core’s 7.5% drop rate mean finding and looting many ominous vaults may be required. It all depends on luck.

How to Find Heavy Cores in Minecraft 1.21

The journey to heavy cores may be quick for some or a grand adventure for others. One final tip to remember is every player can loot an ominous vault once, so the best way to up the odds is by bringing others. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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