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Foundry Server Hosting Available Now With BisectHosting

Posted on by justin
Are you looking for a cozy factory-building game that allows automation? If so, Foundry can be the next title on your “To Play” list. Also, enjoy the ease of server management with BisectHosting’s Foundry dedicated server hosting services! Take advantage of complete creative freedom as you explore procedurally-generated worlds and gather their many different resources. Then, create and manage as many production lines as possible and build the most majestic factory limited to the imagination.

Foundry Dedicated Server Hosting Available Now

Foundry Server Hosting Developed by Channel 3 Entertainment, Foundry is a first-person robot building-slash-automation Early Access title. Unleash your creativity as you take the power of complete creative freedom in different procedurally-generated worlds. Additionally, play with your friends to enjoy the game’s many features and mechanics, including the following:
The Power to Build Anything, Anywhere
Create anything from a reliable conveyor belt to a bustling automated factory in Foundry. Here, players have complete control over what to build and where to place those structures. Set items on land, air, underground, and everywhere in between in the game’s procedurally-generated voxel-based maps.
Let Carl Guide Your Way
Carl is your in-game AI friend, helping players plan and complete different tasks. This companion also helps you navigate each infinite voxel world so you won't feel lost (or lonely) while discovering the vast spaces.
Upgrade and Decorate
Combat isn't a priority in Foundry. However, it doesn't mean players won't encounter problems with their production lines. Mitigate those issues by upgrading the potential of your factories through an extensive research tree. Then, don't forget to decorate your industrial establishments by adding splashes of color to them, allowing each building to be as unique as possible.
Bend Automation to Your Will
Over time, it can be tough to manage a massive factory in Foundry. So, take advantage of the power of automation to allow different systems to function routinely. Then, upgrade those systems to develop more intricate and faster technologies, which ultimately optimizes production.
Play Solo or With Friends
Enjoy the peace of building, upgrading, and automating factories in Foundry by yourself. Alternatively, work with other online and offline players (through LAN) to help manage your structures and establishments. Additionally, Foundry offers no player cap for multiplayer servers. So, you can play with two, four, or even twenty people to ensure your production lines run as smoothly as possible. Look at Foundry and its different offerings in its Early Access release trailer below:

Foundry Dedicated Server Features

Start a Foundry dedicated server today with BisectHosting to take advantage of different features, including the following:
  • Instant Setup: Your Foundry dedicated server will be up and running as soon as we confirm your payment. That way, you’ll waste no time building the factory of your dreams.
  • 24/7 Foundry Server Support: Our support team is always available to answer your concerns and queries, even while you automate and upgrade your factories.
  • Automated Updates: Skip the agonizing steps in updating your Foundry server and let our automated system do it for you (manual options are also offered).
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