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Five Must Try Scary Mods for Minecraft

Posted on by amber

Minecraft is not typically described as a scary game, but with the power of mods, such a nightmare can be created. One where creatures lurk in the darkness, weeping angels follow just out of sight, and eerie structures light up the distant hilltop late at night. Whether you add one or add them all, today we explore five must try scary mods for Minecraft.

Doctor Who - Weeping Angels

Weeping Angels Mod Logo

Doctor Who has introduced countless monsters and aliens, but none are quite as scary as weeping angels. Statues that appear normal at first sight, but the moment you blink, they are one step closer, or so you think.

Are you brave enough to turn your back on this creature?

The Graveyard [Forge] & [Fabric]

The overworld lacks any biome that is truly creepy, but with The Graveyard mod, the game suddenly becomes a lot more scary. A variety of graveyard biomes generate naturally, haunted houses can appear across the landscape, and crypts leading to extensive catacombs will put your skills to the test.

But what would new structures be without horrifying mobs to fill them? Thankfully, The Graveyard adds many.


Grue Mod Logo

Grue is one of the most popular Minecraft horror mods to ever be released, with good reason! The creature added by this mod spawns nearby when players enter a light level lower than two. It then lurks in the darkness hunting any foolish enough not to seek the light. It can’t be beaten, nor can you ever truly escape.

Good luck mining. One wrong turn may seal your fate!

Probably Chests

This fun little mod adds lots of loot chests out in the world! The catch being one or two may result in a mimic jump scare. A gamble each time, and if you’re not careful, it could very well end with you inside that chest’s stomach. The Steve and Alex lunch special!

The Legend of Herobrine

No list of scary mods would be complete without the Minecraft legend himself. The Legend of Herobrine adds Herobrine to the game for players to see before they die. Watch out for the fog, don’t go out at night, and it is best not to go near that “player” who has been watching from the forest since first light.

Or you can summon him directly for the ultimate boss fight!

Five Must Try Scary Mods for Minecraft

May your journeys be frightful and your nights delightful, but watch out for the angels and Herobrine. Was that a noise I just heard behind you? Hopefully, it wasn’t Grue! Spooky jokes aside, we hope these mods bring some early Halloween cheer and perhaps a few jump scares.

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