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Five Must Try Minecraft 1.20 Seeds

Posted on by amber
Sometimes all it takes is the perfect spawn to inspire an entire world of builds. So, today we explore five must try Minecraft 1.20 seeds, and each is as inspirational as can be.

Bamboo Jungle Cave

Bamboo Jungle Cavern Screenshot
  • Seed: 69420
  • Coordinates: X: 356 Z: -515
  • Source: Daniel_Tomme
Bamboo jungles are already rare, so how likely is one with a cavern entrance as vast as this? Perfect for an underground city or a jungle civilization above, this beautiful mountain is full of possibilities. However, I can’t help but wonder what inspired the original poster to use that seed number.

Crowned Mountain

Minecraft 1.20 Seeds: Crown Mountain Screenshot
  • Seed: -7203549084156040623
  • Coordinates: X: -162 Z: -427
  • Source: VarianStark
Surrounded by a valley with a cavern entrance at its center is a three-pointed mountain straight out of high fantasy. It’s shaped like a crown, would look great surrounded by a kingdom, and climbing it could be an adventure in and of itself.

Lakeside Flowers

Minecraft 1.20 Seeds: Flower Forest Lakeside
  • Seed: 1600439635731142103
  • Coordinates: X: 384 Z: 176
  • Source: -White-Lotus-
Sometimes simple is better, and this seed captures that perfectly. A flower forest village by the lakeside with mountains nearby. It makes for a picturesque fishing location, if not the perfect island to build a castle that overlooks the village.

Exposed Lush Cave & Nearby Mansion

Exposed Lush Cave Screenshot
  • Seed: 199
  • Coordinates: X: -5900 Z: -5100
  • Note: Woodland Mansion only generates in Bedrock Edition.
  • Source: JVFA5GCGWF
This location is a little far from spawn, but well worth the adventure for what waits to be found! A woodland mansion next to an open-air lush cavern surrounded by dark forest. Will you capture the mansion and make it your own?

The Hidden Cherry Grove Village

Minecraft 1.20 Seeds: Cherry Grove Village Screenshot
  • Seed: 69420017852762830
  • Coordinates: Spawn
  • Source: stofix_
If the seeds before did not inspire, this one sure will! A village in a valley surrounded by cherry grove mountains. This starting position is as beautiful as they come and makes use of the new Minecraft 1.20 features.

Five Must Try Minecraft 1.20 Seeds

Our list of seeds has reached its end, but your adventure in these five worlds has only just begun! May each location lead to many years of fun. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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