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Farming Simulator 22 Console Commands, Cheats, & How to Enable

Posted on by justin
Farming Simulator 22 features many console commands that can help ease the process of building your farm or shake up your experience. These commands allow things like money cheats, changing the weather, and more. This means players can create their own custom starts and change up the game to their preferences. With that, here are all the available Farming Simulator 22 console commands, cheats, and how to enable them.

Farming Simulator 22 Console Commands & Cheats

Farming Simulator 22 Console Commands It's important to mention that the following Farming Simulator 22 console commands only work for the game's Windows and Mac versions. Additionally, you must have the appropriate access level for the console commands to work, especially when playing on a dedicated server.
  • gsPlayerFlightMode: Activates flight mode. Press Q and E for altitude
  • gsMoneyAdd: Adds 10k money. You can also use gsMoneyAdd <amount> for more money
  • gsTeleport: Teleports to a given field or x/z-position
  • gsFillUnitAdd <fillUnitIndex> <fillTypeName> [amount]: Fills indicated unit
  • gsTimeSet <hour>: Set time
  • gsBaleAdd fillTypeName isRoundBale [width] [height/diameter] [length] [wrapState] [modName]: Adds a bale in front of you
  • gsPalletAdd <type>: Add pallet Types: Butter, Lettuce, Cake, Bread, Silage_Additive, Fertilizer, Wool, Liquidfertilizer, Mineral_Feed, Wheat, Oat, Olive, Sugar, Soybean, Herbicide, Lime, Oilseedradish, Barley, Furniture, Boards, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cereal, Canola_Oil, Grapejuice, Sunflower_Oil, Raisins, Olive_Oil, Honey, Maize, Seeds, Grape, Canola, Flour, Clothes, Cotton, Fabric, Sunflower, Sorghum, Potato, Sugarcane, Egg, Cheese, and Tomato
  • gsFarmSet: Set farm for current player or vehicle
  • gsFarmlandBuy: Buys farmland with the given id
  • gsFarmlandBuyAll: Buys all farmlands
  • gsFarmlandSell: Sells farmland with the given id
  • gsFarmlandSellAll: Sells all farmlands
  • gsFieldSetFruit: Sets a given fruit to the field
  • gsFieldSetFruitAll: Sets a given fruit to all fields
  • gsFieldSetGround: Sets a given fruit to the field
  • gsFieldSetGroundAll: Sets a given fruit to the all field
  • gsSnowAdd: Add snow
  • gsSnowAddSalt: Salt around player
  • gsSnowReset: Reset snow
  • gsSnowSet: Set snow
  • gsTreeAdd: Load a tree
  • gsVehicleAddDamage: adds a given amount to the current damage amount
  • gsVehicleAddDirt: Adds a given amount to the current dirt amount
  • gsVehicleAddWear: Adds a given amount to the current wear amount
  • gsVehicleFuelSet: Sets the vehicle fuel level
  • gsVehicleLoadAll: Load all vehicles
  • gsVehicleOperatingTimeSet: Sets the vehicle operating time
  • gsWeatherAdd: Adds a weather object by type
  • gsWeatherSet: Sets a weather object by type
  • gsWeedSystemAddDelta: Add weed delta to the field
  • gsWeedSystemSetState: Set weed state to field
  • gsStoneSystemAddDelta: Add stone delta to the field
  • gsStoneSystemSetState: Set stone state to field
  • gsTipAnywhereAdd: Tips a fillType
  • gsTipAnywhereClear: Clears tip area
  • enableAnimalStatesDebugRendering: toggle animal states debug rendering
  • enableCloudFx: toggle cloudfx
  • enableDoF: toggle DoF
  • enableFramerateLimit: toggle frames per second limiter
  • enableOccluderDebugRendering: toggle occluder debug rendering
  • enablePostFx: toggle postfx
  • exit: Quits application
  • framerateLimitFPS: Frames per second limit attribute
  • gsAICostsExport: Export costmap to an image file
  • gsAICostsShow: costs per cell
  • gsAICostsUpdate: Update costmap given width around the camera
  • gsAIEnableDebug: Enables AI debugging
  • gsAIObstaclesShow: obstacles around the camera
  • gsAISetLastTarget: Sets AI Target to last position
  • gsAISetTarget: Sets AI Target
  • gsAISplinesShow: Toggle AI system spline visibility
  • gsAIStart: Starts driving to target
  • gsAIStationsShow: Toggle AI system stations AI nodes visibility
  • gsAmbientSoundSystemReload: Reloads the ambient sound system
  • gsAmbientSoundSystemToggleDebugView: Toggles the ambient sound system debug view
  • gsAutoSave: Enables/disables autosave
  • gsAutoSaveInterval: Sets the autosave interval
  • gsBaleList: List available bale types
  • gsBenchmark: Starts a benchmark sequence with camera flight and working vehicles
  • gsBenchmarkMapPerformanceTest: Runs a basic performance test for the current map
  • gsCameraFovSet: Sets camera field of view angle
  • gsCollisionFlagShowAll: Shows all available collision flags
  • gsDebugManagerClearElements: Removes all permanent elements and functions from DebugManager
  • gsDensityMapToggleDebug: Toggles debug mode
  • gsEnvironmentAreaSystemToggleDebugView: Toggles the environment checker debug view
  • gsEnvironmentFixedVisualsSet: Sets the visual seasons to a fixed period
  • gsEnvironmentMaskSystemToggleDebugView: Toggles the environment mask system debug view
  • gsEnvironmentReload: Reloads environment
  • gsEnvironmentSeasonalShaderDebug: current seasonal shader parameter
  • gsEnvironmentSeasonalShaderSet: Sets the seasonal shader to a forced value
  • gsFieldToggleStatus: Shows field status
  • gsHudVisibility: Toggle HUd visibility
  • gsI3DCacheClean: Removes all cached i3d files to ensure the latest versions are loaded from the disk
  • gsI3DLoadingDelaySet: Sets loading delay for i3d files
  • gsI3DPrintActiveLoadings: Print active loadings
  • gsI3DShowCache: Show active i3d cache
  • gsIndoorMaskToggle: Toggle indoor mask visualization
  • gsNetworkDebug: Toggle network debugging
  • gsNetworkShowObjects: Toggle network show objects
  • gsNetworkShowTraffic: Toggle network traffic visualization
  • gsPedestrianSystemReload: Reload pedestrian system xml
  • gsPedestrianSystemToggle: Toggle pedestrian system
  • gsPlacementCollisionsShow: collisions for placement and terraforming
  • gsPlayerDebug: Enables/disables player debug information
  • gsPlayerFsmDebug: Toggle debug mode for player state machine
  • gsPlayerFsmStateJumpDebug: Toggle debug mode for Jump
  • gsPowerConsumerSet: Sets properties of the powerConsumer specialization
  • gsProductionPointSetFillLevel
  • gsProductionPointSetOutputMode
  • gsProductionPointSetOwner
  • gsProductionPointSetProductionState
  • gsProductionPointToggleDebug: Toggle production point debugging
  • gsProductionPointsList: List all production points on the map
  • gsProductionPointsPrintAutoDeliverMapping: Prints which fillTypes are required by which production points
  • gsRenderColorAndDepthScreenShot
  • gsRenderingDebugMode
  • gsReverbSystemToggleDebugView: Toggles the reverb debug view
  • gsScriptCommandsList: Lists script-based console commands. Use ‘help’ to get all commands
  • gsSetFixedExposureSettings: Sets fixed exposure settings
  • gsSetHighQuality: Increase draw and LOD distances of foliage, terrain, and objects
  • gsShopUIToggle: Toggle shop config screen UI visibility
  • gsSoundManagerDebug: Toggle SoundManager global debug mode
  • gsStoreItemsReload: Reloads storeItem data
  • gsTakeEnvProbes: Takes env. probes from the current camera position
  • gsTensionBeltDebug: Toggles the debug tension belt rendering of the vehicle
  • gsTestForceFeedback
  • gsTipCollisionsShow: collisions for tipping on the ground
  • gsVehicleAnalyze: Analyze vehicle
  • gsVehicleDebug: Toggles the vehicle debug values rendering
  • gsVehicleDebugReverb: Toggles the reverb debug rendering
  • gsVehicleReload: Reloads currently entered vehicle or vehicles within a range when the second radius parameter is given
  • gsVehicleShowDistance: distance between vehicle and cam
  • gsVehicleTemperatureSet: Sets the vehicle motor temperature
  • gsVineSystemSetGrowthState: Sets vineyard growthstate
  • gsWeatherDebug: Toggles weather debug
  • gsWeatherReload: Reloads weather data
  • gsWeatherSetClouds: Sets cloud data
  • gsWeatherSetDebugWind: Sets wind data
  • gsWeatherSetFog: Sets fog height, mieScale and duration
  • gsWeatherToggleRandomWindWaving: Toggles waving of random wind
  • gsWildlifeDebug: Toggle shows/hide all wildlife debug information.
  • gsWildlifeDebugAnimalAdd: Adds an animal to a debug list.
  • gsWildlifeDebugAnimalRemove: Removes an animal to a debug list.
  • gsWildlifeDebugAnimation: Toggle shows/hide animal animation information.
  • gsWildlifeDebugId: Toggle shows/hide all wildlife animal id.
  • gsWildlifeDebugSteering: Toggle shows/hide animal steering information.
  • gsWildlifeToggle: Toggle wildlife on the map
  • gsWiperStateSet: Sets the given wiper state for all vehicles
  • gsWoodCuttingMarkerVisiblity: Enables/disables chainsaw woodcutting marker
  • gsXMLGenerateSchemas: Generates xml schemas
  • listEntities: Print a detailed entity list
  • listResources: Print a detailed resource list
  • parallelRenderingAndPhysics: Enable parallel rendering and physics
  • q: Quits application
  • quit: Quits application
  • reloadAnimalConfiguration: Reload configuration data for animals in husbandry
  • setAsymmetryFactor: Set CornetteShrank asymmetry factor [0..1]
  • setBloomMagnitude: Sets bloom magnitude [0..1]
  • setBloomThreshold: Sets threshold for bloom mask computation
  • setCirrusCloudDensityScaling: Sets cirrus cloud coverage scaling factor
  • setCirrusCloudVelocity: Sets cirrus cloud velocity
  • setCloudBaseShapeScaling: Scales sampling position of base cloud shape texture
  • setCloudErosionScaling: Scales sampling position of cloud erode texture
  • setCloudNoiseVelocity: Sets Volumetric Noise Scroll-Velocity
  • setCloudPrecipitation: Sets cloud precipitation coefficient [0 1]
  • setCloudScatteringCoeff: Sets cloud scattering coefficient
  • setDLSSQuality: Set DLSS Quality
  • setDoFBlendWeight- X-fade distances d0, d1, d2
  • setDoFBlurArea: DOF Blur Area, top left(x,y) bottom right(x,y), x,y in [0 1]
  • setDoFFarCoC: Set DoF far CoC radius
  • setDoFNearCoC: Set DoF near CoC radius
  • setDoFParams: DOF parameters, nearCocR, endNearBlurDist, farCocR, startFarBlurDist, endFarBlurDist
  • setFogPlaneHeight: Set fog plane top height [0..1000]
  • setFogPlaneMieScaling: Scale fog plane mie scattering coefficient [0.001..1000]
  • setHistogramLogLuminanceRange: Histogram Luminance Range [min max]
  • setMSAA: Set MSAA
  • setMieScaling: Scale mie scattering coefficient [0.001..1000]
  • setMinMaxLuminanceAdaption: Luminance Adaption Range [min max]
  • setMoonSizeScale: Scales Moon disc size
  • setPostFxAA: Set Post Process Anti Aliasing
  • setSSAOIntensity: SSAO intensity
  • setSSAORadius: world space radius size
  • setSSAOSamples: num samples in SSAO computation [1..12]
  • setSunBrightnessScale: Scales Sun brightness
  • setSunSizeScale: Scales Sun disc size
  • setTextureStreamingBehavior: Set texture streaming behavior
  • setTextureStreamingPaused: Set texture streaming pause
  • setVolumetricCloudVelocity: Sets Volumetric-Cloud Wind-Direction and -Velocity
  • showFps: Show frames per second

How to Enable and Use Console Commands in Farming Simulator 22

Enabling the command console and using console commands in Farming Simulator 22 is only available for the game’s Windows and Mac versions. Also, it’s a two-step process to ensure the commands work:
Step #1: Enable the Commands/Cheats
  • Log into your Steam account and navigate to your game library
  • Right-click on Farming Simulator 22 on the left sidebar and click Properties
  • In the Properties window, select the General tab
  • Type “-cheats” (without the quotes) in the field below the Launch Options in the General tab
Step #2: Enable the Command Console
  • Right-click on Farming Simulator 22 on the left sidebar of your Steam game library and select Manage Files
  • Open the “game.xml” file from the window that pops up on a Notepad application
  • Find the line <controls>false</controls> and replace “false” with “true” (without the quotes)
After enabling the command console, run the game on your system and load your file. Then, open the command console by pressing the “`” or “~” key. Note: If, for any reason, these methods don't work, perhaps installing a mod that enables the command console may activate the feature. At this point, you might still be thinking about starting a new Farming Simulator 22 game. If so, a dedicated server can increase the game's fun factor. Click the link below to start one in a few easy steps, or reach out to our support staff for questions or concerns.
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