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Enshrouded Yucca Fruit: Best Locations, Recipes, Food Buff, & Farming Guide

Posted on by justin
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Enshrouded has no shortage of essential resources, and one notable example is the Yucca Fruit. Finding this item can be challenging. However, the rewards can be satisfying, especially upon farming a sufficient amount. So, keep reading to learn how to farm the Yucca Fruit in Enshrouded.

Where to Get Yucca Fruit in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Yucca Fruit Find the Yucca Fruit in Enshrouded in palm trees in various locations around the Kindlewastes, a late-game region. Flameborns must have at least Flame Level 5 to reach this location safely. Once here, search for the trees with brown, thick trunks. Then, use an axe to cut the trees, which should make them drop Yucca Fruits. It’s also worth mentioning that these trees also drop Palm Wood and Resin. Additionally, cutting down a palm tree in Enshrouded typically takes longer than the trees near the first base. So, pay attention to your axe's durability throughout this farming operation. It's still possible to fell a palm tree using your fists, albeit the process will be longer.

Yucca Fruit Cooking Recipes & Food Buff

Eating a Yucca Fruit grants two buffs: +2 Health Regeneration and +1 Stamina Recharge. Also, these buffs last for 25 minutes. Alternatively, cook a Yucca Fruit to change its buff. Consuming a Grilled Yucca Fruit will give you +20 Stamina Recharge for 7 minutes. The Yucca Fruit in Enshrouded is also an ingredient to make a Fruit Bowl, which requires the following items to craft:
  • 1x Honey
  • 2x Strawberry
  • 2x Purple Berries
  • 1x Yucca Fruit
Consuming this food item provides the user with +6 Health Regeneration and +3 Stamina Recharge for 45 minutes. However, the world must have the Farmer summoned to unlock this recipe. Finally, the Yucca Fruit is one of the sacrificial offerings to strengthen the Flame Altar from Level 5 to 6. Here are the items needed for this goal:
  • 40x Sulfur
  • 40x Saffron
  • 40x Spark
  • 40x Iron Ore
  • 40x Lapis Lazuli
  • 40x Yucca Fruit
  • 1x Fell Sicklescythe Head
Achieving this feat awards the following bonuses:
  • Altar Activation Capacity: 8
  • Shroud Passage Level: 6
  • Character Attribute Bonuses: 5
  • Time in the Shroud: 10 minutes
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