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Empyrion - Galactic Survival

Empyrion – Galactic Survival Server Hosting Available Now With BisectHosting

Posted on by justin
Have you dreamt of being a space explorer, carving paths while pursuing intergalactic ambitions? In Empyrion – Galactic Survival, you can! Start your journey to becoming the ruler of a galactic empire with an Empyrion – Galactic Survival server, now available from BisectHosting. Build scout ships, discover the secrets of a vast galaxy, and survive the ruthlessness of outer space. Press forward with each decision made, and uncover the path to a new interstellar order with you at the helm.

Empyrion – Galactic Survival Dedicated Server Hosting Available Now

Empyrion - Galactic Survival Dedicated Server Empyrion – Galactic Survival is an open-world sandbox adventure title with unique features that help separate it from other similar games. It carves a niche by offering a distinct blend of elements, catering to aspiring space pioneers and intergalactic builders.
Voxel-Based Building, Anywhere
A voxel is a sample or data point on a three-dimensional grid. Empyrion – Galactic Survival uses this system for space pioneers to build relatively anywhere in the in-game galaxy. With voxel-based building, you gain meticulous control over every detail when building your spaceships and stations. This building system also allows you to modify and shape the terrain to your will fully. Choose to flatten vast regions for your interplanetary settlement. Alternatively, build underground bases by digging massive cavernous labyrinths for additional protection.
Explore the Unknown
Empyrion lets space explorers explore the mysteries of deep space and encounter something new every time. The game creates procedurally-generated galaxies, allowing each playthrough to have a fresh arrangement of planets. Additionally, each planet will have its distinct atmosphere, terrain, and resources to discover.
A Thriving Modding Community
Step away from the Vanilla Empyrion – Galactic Survival any time with a lush modding community. Enjoy thousands of mods, ranging from player-made blueprints to those that allow you to create and experience unique scenarios.
Master Space Combat
Aside from building unique space colonies and intricate spaceships, Empyrion – Galactic Survival lets you engage in intense interstellar battles with hostile entities. Use a sophisticated space combat system with the help of the offensive and defensive elements installed on your ship and headquarters. Prepare for battle, strategize dogfights, and outfit your space vessel for maximum firepower. Emerge victorious with the proper setup, especially against space pirates and hostile alien forces.
Go Solo or Play with Friends
In space, no one can hear you scream. So, why not explore the galaxy with friends? Empyrion – Galactic Survival encourages online multiplayer for players to build and foster friendships. Create alliances and even wage war with interstellar enemies. Alternatively, relax and isolate yourself to find peace in the outer regions of space. Are you ready to take on the challenges of deep space? Watch the trailer below for a quick glimpse of what you can experience from Empyrion – Galactic Survival:

Empyrion – Galactic Survival Dedicated Server Features

Time to start exploring deep space with the Empyrion – Galactic Survival hosting services from BisectHosting. Doing so lets you enjoy dedicated server features like the following:
  • Instant Setup: Space doesn’t sleep, and so will your Empyrion – Galactic Survival dedicated server. Our Empyrion servers are always online, letting you and your friends play at any time.
  • 24/7 Empyrion – Galactic Survival Support: While you concentrate on building your next big intergalactic vessel in Empyrion, we’ll help your server with our 24/7 support.
  • Empyrion DDoS Protection: Deploy shields against despicable attackers that may harm your server with our free Empyrion – Galactic Survival DDoS protection!
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