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Dont Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together NPCs Guide: Every NPC and What They Do

Posted on by justin
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The Constant is a home for various horrors but also a haven for different NPCs. Here, players can interact with these non-playable characters, including activities like trading with them or completing quests. So, continue reading to learn more about the NPCs in Don’t Starve Together.

Don’t Starve Together NPCs Guide

Don’t Starve Together NPCs Before moving forward, it’s important to mention that the following list doesn’t include NPCs like bosses, hostile creatures, neutral animals, and passive animals. Instead, this guide focuses on the NPCs players can interact with, such as for trades and quests.


Don't Starve Together Maxwell NPC Before becoming a playable character, Maxwell is one of the NPCs in Don’t Starve Together. In particular, Maxwell appears in the Adventure and Sandbox Modes. In the Epilogue Chapter of the former, players can choose to attack or save Maxwell from his fate. Choosing to save him by putting the Divining Rod into the Nightmare Lock unlocks him as a playable character.

Pig King

Don't Starve Together Pig King As the ruler of the Pig Villages, the Pig King typically spawns in the Deciduous Forest biome. Players can't attack him, and he's immune to all damage. During the day, players can offer items to the Pig King for Gold Nuggets. Generally, you can trade various Trinkets and food items for Gold Nuggets. The number of Gold Nuggets you receive depends on the specific Trinket or food item the Pig King receives. Additionally, the Pig King gives Halloween Candy in addition to Gold Nuggets when you trade with him. However, giving him the Golden Belt triggers the Pig King Wrestling Match. Win against the Pig King in this mini-game to receive Lucky Golden Nuggets.

King of the Merms

Don't Starve Together King of the Merms The King of the Merms is only accessible if you’re controlling Wurt. Additionally, this NPC only appears after feeding a Merm on the Royal Tapestry, which requires 20x Kelps, 10x Pig Skins, and 15x Beefalo Wools to craft. Once summoned, players can attack him. However, he'll summon 4x Loyal Merm Guards when his Health drops below 75%. Alternatively, players can feed the King of the Merms the same food set that Wurt eats. Also, he’ll only accept food from Wurt and will refuse any offerings from other characters. Plus, Wurt must be wearing the Clever Disguise. Players must also frequently feed the King of the Merms. Otherwise, he’ll lose Health over time if his Hunger reaches 0. All Merms receive stat boosts while the King of the Merms is alive. Also, players can trade fish for Gold Nuggets. This NPC also gives additional presents when you give him fish. These extra rewards are the following:
  • Kelp Fronds
  • Seeds
  • Cut Reeds
  • Tentacle Spots
  • Desiccated Tentacle
  • Melty Marbles
  • Air Unfreshener
  • Bent Spork
  • Hardened Rubber Bung
  • Brittle Seed Pods
  • Swirly Seeds
  • Sharp Seeds
  • Pointy Seeds
  • Seed Pods
  • Lumpy Seeds

Queen of the Moon Quay

Don't Starve Together Queen of Moon Quay Introduced in The Curse of Moon Quay update, the Queen of the Moon Quay is one of the NPCs in Don’t Starve Together. She's always asleep unless the survivors are nearby or when you give her a Banana. Giving her a Banana will make her drop a random Rare Blueprint, which can be any of the following: Cannonball, Cannon Kit, Dock Kit, Dock Piling Kit, and Moon Quay Beach Turf.

Corvus Goodfeather

Don't Starve Together Corvus Goodfeather Corvus Goodfeather only appears during the Midsummer Cawnival seasonal event. He’ll appear once the player places the Cawnival Tree. Once spawned, he’ll grant access to the Cawnival Creation Filter, which includes the following items:
  • Cawnival Sapling
  • Prize Booth Kit
  • Cawnival Token
  • Cawnival Tokens
  • Eggs in a Basket Kit
  • Hubbub for Grub Kit
  • Egg Scramble Kit
  • Nest Defender Kit
  • Cuckoo Spinwheel Kit
  • Birdhouse Ball Drop Kit

Crabby Hermit

Don't Starve Together Crabby Hermit Also named Pearl, the Crabby Hermit is one of the exclusive NPCs in Don’t Starve Together. Players must become friends with her to acquire the Pearl’s Pearl, an essential item to summon the Celestial Champion. Find the Crabby Hermit in her Hermit Home at night. During the day, you can find her in different places on her island. Complete various objectives to increase the Crabby Hermit’s friendship level. These tasks vary, ranging from upgrading her home to removing Underwater Salvageables. You can also give gifts like different fishes or an umbrella item to Pearl to help increase her friendship level. Every task you complete will reward you with a Bundle of Tanks. Consuming this item will yield three random Shell Bells. However, increasing Pearl's friendship level also adds to the rewards of opening the Bundle of Thanks item. For instance, at Levels 2, 4, 5, and 7, opening the Bundle of Thanks has one random Lure. Additionally, you can trade Empty Bottles with the Crabby Hermit for various items. Also, the amount of items to trade increases as her friendship level improves. These tradeable items are the following:
  • Level 1 friendship: Shell Bell Bundle, Pinchin’ Winch Blueprint, and Shell Beach Turf Blueprint
  • Level 3 friendship: Jet Quill Float, Crimson Quill Float, Azure Quill Float, Saffron Quill Float, and Tackle Box
  • Level 6 friendship: Rainy Day Lure, Snow Day Lure, Stupefying Lure, and Heavy Weighted Lure
  • Level 8 friendship: Down Quill Float and Fish Food
  • Level 9 friendship: Spectackler Box


Don't Starve Together Wagstaff Originally a playable character in Don't Starve, Wagstaff returns as one of the NPCs in Don't Starve Together. Also called the Grainy Transmission, Wagstaff initially appears upon entering a moonstorm for the first time. Approach him to receive the Astroggles and Incomplete Experiment blueprints. Craft and wear the Astroggles to find Wagstaff in a moonstorm. Wagstaff periodically requests for one of five tools. However, only Winona can decipher the names of the tools. Other characters, on the other hand, will only see gibberish. Giving these tools to the NPC will eventually make him appear with a machine. At that point, players must defend the machine from incoming enemies. If successful, Wagstaff leaves a Restrained Static and disappears. However, defeating the Celestial Champion will make Wagstaff appear. In particular, he spawns with the Lunar Essence Extractor for two minutes. Show him the Enlightened Shard to make Rifts spawn. These portals can summon special bosses when players fulfill the right conditions. Defeating three of these special bosses rewards players with Spark Arks given by Wagstaff. Use a Spark Ark to craft items like the Howitzer and Polar Bearger Bin.


Don't Starve Together Charlie Charlie was Maxwell's assistant, and she's also the main antagonist of Don't Starve Together. She’s also known as the Darkness or the Night Monster. Additionally, she’ll only spawn if the player is enveloped in complete darkness. Players will know if Charlie is stalking them with a loud “woosh” sound. Characters will then react to the sound, signaling that Charlie is nearby. At this point, players must prepare for a slash attack, which deals 100 damage to Health and 20 damage to Sanity. This attack continues until the player dies or creates or finds a light source.

Curio Collector

Don't Starve Together Curio Collector The Curio Collector is another one of the mysterious NPCs in Don’t Starve Together. He runs the Trade Inn, and interacting with this NPC grants access to the establishment’s mini games. Winning these mini games typically rewards players with Profile Icons. Are you interested in starting a Don't Starve Together dedicated server to discover what these NPCs offer? Click on the link below to start one in a few easy steps! Otherwise, chat with our support staff if you have any questions or concerns.
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