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Dont Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together Dedicated Server Hosting Available Now With BisectHosting

Posted on by justin
What is the Constant? What are the origins of the mysterious entities known as Shadow Hands? Can you escape the clutches of the Ancient Ones? It's time to survive and flee the clutches of the Constant in a Don't Starve Together dedicated server hosting service with BisectHosting. Play with online companions and discover the hidden secrets underneath each procedurally-generated map. What mysteries will you uncover underneath this biome-rich world? Can you survive the hostile environments and the dark beings preventing you and your friends from escaping?

Don’t Starve Together Dedicated Server Hosting Available Now

Don’t Starve Together Dedicated Server Don’t Starve Together is a survival exploration title that places its players into the Constant, a mysterious world akin to a large biome-rich prison. Here, you must escape the clutches of unknown entities only known as "Them," along with those responsible for bending reality to their will – the Ancient Ones. Use the different features and systems available in Don’t Starve Together to survive, thrive, and, hopefully, escape. Some notable elements this game has to offer are the following:
As the title implies, Don't Starve Together significantly emphasizes its Hunger system. As the Hunger and Sanity gauges decrease, your vision becomes bright, shaky, and over-saturated. Failure to keep Hunger in check can lead to enemies becoming more aggressive than usual, making the game more difficult.
Choose Your Character
Unlike other survival games wherein you must create a character from scratch, Don’t Starve Together lets you choose from a list of preset characters with unique pros and cons. For instance, Wolfgang is stronger when he’s full but becomes easily scared of the dark or when monsters are nearby. On the other hand, WX-78 can upgrade with circuits and isn’t a picky eater. However, this robot’s health decreases when in contact with water.
Seasonal Challenges
The world of the Constant progresses through seasons, each with its challenges and opportunities. Enemies, especially bosses, can change depending on the current season. For example, Autumn is the time for the giant Bearger. On the other hand, Winter brings joy with a Loot Stash in specific biomes but can also spawn the boss Klaus.
Procedurally-Generated Worlds
As mentioned earlier, Don’t Starve Together generates unique worlds. Each procedurally-generated map offers unique and fresh challenges and discoveries. That way, each new game delivers new advantages and trials.
Building and Farming
It may take a while before you and your friends escape the Constant. So, make the most of your time in this mysterious world by creating a home for yourselves. Build bases, plow fields, sow seeds, and develop farms to ensure you're comfortable and your stomachs are full.
Cooperative Gameplay
Team up with up to five other players in a Don’t Starve Together multiplayer server to fight enemies, share resources, and try to escape the Constant. Remember, it can be tough dealing with the denizens of the dark alone. After all, many hands make light work. Plus, you can revive a fallen teammate, promoting teamwork and reducing frustration.

Don’t Starve Together Dedicated Server Features

Unravel the Constant, discover its mysteries, and survive the harsh world of Don’t Starve Together with a BisectHosting dedicated hosting server. Use BisectHosting’s dedicated server hosting services to enjoy various features, such as the following:
  • Instant Setup: Tired of following complicated instructions to set up a Don't Starve Together dedicated server? Our Don't Starve Together server hosts are online immediately upon the first payment, significantly reducing downtime.
  • 24/7 Support: We take pride in our customer support team and the 24/7 service they offer to help you with any issues encountered with your Don’t Starve Together dedicated server.
  • Don’t Starve Together DDoS Protection: The only horrors you’ll face are your foes in Don’t Starve Together. Let us and our servers provide DDoS protection so you'll never worry about server attacks.
Are you ready to start escaping the Constant with a Don't Starve Together dedicated server hosting service with BisectHosting today? Click on the link below and create a Don’t Starve Together server with us in a few easy steps.
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