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Dont Starve Together

Don't Starve Together Crossplay: How to Use, All Platforms, & Local Co-Op

Posted on by justin
Don’t Starve Together thrives in its multiplayer co-op features. But many players are asking if Don’t Starve Together has crossplay. Here, we dive deep into this concern to give you the answer.

Does Don’t Starve Together Have Crossplay?

Don't Starve Together Crossplay Don’t Starve Together has crossplay, but it has a limited reach and specific requirements. Note that this survival game is available on different platforms, particularly the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5, macOS, Linux, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. Despite this, only players playing on platforms within the same or similar system environment can meet online. For example, Nintendo Switch users can't play with those playing on the game's PlayStation version. On the other hand, PC, macOS, and Linux players can build, farm, survive, and thrive together on the same server. Additionally, Xbox and PC players can take advantage of Don’t Starve Together’s limited crossplay functionality. However, PC users must use the Xbox app to run the game so they can play with Xbox console players.

Will Don’t Starve Together Have Crossplay?

At the time of writing, developer Klei Entertainment didn’t release an official announcement about the game expanding upon its crossplay functionality. However, many players within the game’s community remain hopeful. Additionally, the developer has acknowledged this concern, but the idea of having crossplay for the game isn't a priority at the moment.

Does Don’t Starve Together Have Cross-Save?

Progress doesn’t carry over different in-game accounts across the game’s different versions. However, players can share their unlocks and items across other platforms to help reduce grinding. Players can share their unlocks and items by merging their accounts.

How to Play Split Screen in Don’t Starve Together?

Although Don’t Starve Together doesn’t have full crossplay, some players can play on the same system using local co-op and split screen. You can also play split-screen co-op online and offline, with the former granting access to the game’s unlock and item-sharing perk. You can also create and use a dedicated server if you’re looking for a way to play Don’t Starve Together with your online mates without the hassle. Click on the link below to start one today!
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