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Dont Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together Characters Guide: Stats, Perks, Quirks, & How to Unlock

Posted on by justin
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Don’t Starve Together has a very diverse cast of characters. Each character has unique advantages and disadvantages, making each gameplay experience unique. So, keep reading to learn more about the characters in Don't Starve Together to survive, thrive, and finally escape the Constant and its horrors in one piece.

Don't Starve Together Characters: Stats, Perks, Quirks, & How to Unlock

Don't Starve Together Characters Aside from distinct pros and cons, the characters in Don't Starve Together have unique backgrounds, personalities, and skill sets. Below, you'll find an overview of each Don't Starve Together character to help you select your preferred pick:

Wes: The Silent

Don't Starve Together Wes
  • Birthday: April 16
  • Perks & Quirks: Can’t talk. Practices Balloonomancy. Is not a skilled fighter or worker. Has trouble staying alive.
  • Stats: 75 Health, 75 Hunger, and 75 Sanity
  • Damage Modifier: 0.75x
  • Favorite Food: Fresh Fruit Crepes
  • How to Unlock: Available from the start.
Wes is a pantomiming individual that can be a challenging choice for players regardless of skill level. This inability to talk can add an extra layer of fun interacting with NPCs and other players, inducing roleplaying potential. However, Wes is one of the more fragile characters in Don’t Starve Together. In this regard, he invites teamwork to make up for his shortcomings, especially since his special ability helps distract enemies. This skill can make Wes a good choice for players in online multiplayer servers.

Maxwell: The Puppet Master

Don't Starve Together Maxwell
  • Birthday: October 22
  • Perks & Quirks: Is dapper, but frail. Can split his mind into pieces. Draws power from shadowy equipment. Was once the king of the world.
  • Stats: 75 Health, 150 Hunger, and 200 Sanity
  • Sanity Modifier: +6.67 per minute
  • Favorite Food: Wobster Dinner
  • How to Unlock: Complete Adventure Mode. In the Epilogue Chapter, pity Maxwell and release him from imprisonment by inserting the Divining Rod into the throne’s Nightmare Lock.
Formerly known as the “King of the Nightmare Throne,” Maxwell is the de-facto antagonist of the original Don’t Starve game. He uses shadow manipulation to create Shadow Puppets, which players can command to complete different tasks ranging from chopping trees to desecrating graves for loot. Maxwell's commanding demeanor also means he's less likely to panic than other characters, allowing him to recover a reasonably good amount of Sanity over time. However, he has the lowest starting health and defense stats in the game, making him vulnerable to attacks when hit.

Wilson: The Gentleman Scientist

Don't Starve Together Wilson
  • Birthday: April 23
  • Perks & Quirks: Grows a magnificent beard.
  • Stats: 150 Health, 150 Hunger, and 200 Sanity
  • Favorite Food: Bacon and Eggs
  • How to Unlock: Available from the start.
Wilson is Don’t Starve Together’s scientist who can grow a scruffy beard. But his facial hair isn't only for show since it can also provide insulation from Freezing. Additionally, shaving the beard can recover some sanity. Additionally, Wilson can be a great character to start Don’t Starve Together with his balanced stats. But apart from his beard, Wilson is a vanilla character at best. He has no perks that make him stand out from the rest of the game’s playable cast.

Wortox: The Soul Starved

Don't Starve Together Wortox
  • Birthday: March 28
  • Perks & Quirks: Is an imp. Can hop through time and space. Less nourished by physical food.
  • Stats: 200 Health, 175 Hunger, and 150 Sanity
  • Sanity Modifier: 0.5x vs. monsters
  • Favorite Food: Pomegranate and Sliced Pomegranate
  • How to Unlock: Purchase the Wortox Chest or Wortox Deluxe Chest DLC, or weave hum using 2,700 Spools.
Wortox is a mischievous imp with a carefree personality. His behavior also reflects his required playstyle, with him being a high-risk, high-reward character. Players can use the Souls he generates to recover Health, Hunger, or Sanity. However, Wortox’s craving for Souls means that regular food can't satiate his Hunger. So, all positive and negative effects of eating regular food are halved.

Wurt: The Half-Pint

Don't Starve Together Wurt
  • Birthday: October 17
  • Perks & Quirks: At home in the swamp. Has big plans for Merm-kind. Is a vegetarian.
  • Stats: 150 or 250 Health, 200 or 250 Hunger, and 150 or 200 Sanity
  • Speed Modifier: 1x or 1.3x
  • Favorite Food: Durian and Extremely Smelly Durian
  • How to Unlock: Purchase the Wurt Chest, Wurt Deluxe Chest, or Starter Pack DLC.
Wurt is a little Merm-girl with the goal of bringing glory back to her kind. She has a deep connection to nature and a deep fondness for Merms and other creatures. Her playstyle allows players to befriend other Merms and use their abilities. Additionally, Wurt can’t drown in the ocean, which is true to her nature. Instead, this Merm-girl will only receive 50% wetness when traversing deep water. Plus, she doesn’t lose her inventory or receive debuffs when wet. But despite her fondness for other creatures, she despises pigs, and they despise her as well. So, pigs will attack Wurt on sight, and she can't trade with the Pig King. Wurt also can’t eat any meat or dairy products, including eggs. Letting her hold fish will make her lose 4.4 Sanity per minute.

Woodie: The Lumberjack

Don't Starve Together Woodie
  • Birthday: September 12
  • Perks & Quirks: Has a lovely axe... and is at war with the forest. Suffers from the curse of the Werebeaver! And the Weremoose and the Weregoose…. Celebrates Thanksgiving too early (US). Celebrates Thanksgiving at the correct time (CAN). Is thankful for bountiful harvests (elsewhere).
  • Stats: 150 Health, 150 Hunger, and 200 Sanity
  • Beaverness: 100
  • Favorite Food: Honey Nuggets
  • How to Unlock: Gain 1,600 XP.
As a human, Woodie starts with Lucy the Axe, allowing players to cut trees faster than other characters in the game. But Woodie is no mere lumberjack, for he transforms into different were-animals: the Werebeaver, Weremoos, and Weregoose. Despite giving him unique buffs, staying in any of these forms will reduce his Sanity by 6 points per minute. On the other hand, each transformation can provide Woodie with unique perks and abilities. Here's a quick overview of each Were-Woodie transformation:
  • Werebeaver: Night vision. 240 insulation heat & cold. 70% Water Proof. Can Chop, Mine, Dig, and Hammer.
  • Weremoose: Night vision. 240 insulation heat & cold. 70% Water Proof. Can Attack and Tackle.
  • Weregoose: Night vision. Walks over water. 240 insulation heat & cold. 70% Water Proof.

Willow: The Firestarter

Don't Starve Together Willow
  • Birthday: May 7
  • Perks & Quirks: Has a fondness for fire, but hates the cold. Protected by her cuddly bear, Bernie. Has a reliable lighter.
  • Stats: 150 Health, 150 Hunger, and 120 Sanity
  • Sanity Modifier: -1.1x and +1.1x, and up to +11/min per nearby Fire
  • Favorite Food: Spicy Chili
  • How to Unlock: Gain 160 XP.
Willow developed an adoration for fire at a young age. This fondness for the flames made her attract the wrong company, which may explain her being trapped in the Constant. However, all isn’t bad with her “fiery” personality. For starters, Willow is immune to fire damage and will even recover Sanity when setting things ablaze. Her penchant for the flames also lets her become a better cook than others, as well as clearing certain obstacles that require fire. However, Willow is more susceptible to Freezing than others. Also, insulation items are less effective when she wears them.

Wanda: The Timekeeper

Don't Starve Together Wanda
  • Birthday: August 8
  • Perks & Quirks: Has excellent time management skills. Only as old as she feels. In a constant race against the clock.
  • Stats: 20 to 80 Age, 175 Hunger, and 200 Sanity
  • Favorite Food: Taffy
  • How to Unlock: Weave 2,700 Spools, or purchase the Wanda Chest, Wanda Deluxe Chest, or Starter Pack DLCs.
Wanda is one of the unique characters in Don’t Starve Together, and she’s obsessed with time. She also has a unique mechanic wherein she doesn’t have a health bar. Instead, she controls and manipulates time, changing her age instead of taking damage or recovering health. Players can use this mechanic to use Wanda’s different skills. For example, winding down a specific number of years can teleport her a short distance, helping her evade the attack. Wanda can also wield Shadow Weapons, and these weapons gain damage boosts depending on her current age.

WX-78: The Soulless Automaton

Don't Starve Together WX-78
  • Birthday: November 28
  • Perks & Quirks: Can upgrade with circuits. Not a picky eater. Is charged by lightning, but damaged by water.
  • Stats: 125 Health, 125 Hunger, and 150 Sanity
  • Health Modifier: -3 to -9 when wet
  • Hunger Modifier: -1x to -0.512x
  • Speed Modifier: 1x to 1.5x
  • Favorite Food: Butter Muffin
  • How to Unlock: Gain 960 XP
Unlike other characters in Don’t Starve Together, WX-78 (WX for short) is a mechanical marvel. This gear-powered automaton comes from an unknown civilization with an unknown objective. Apart from trying to escape the Constant, WX aims to recover their lost memories. As WX, players can take advantage of various perks, such as no immune spoilage and upgrades through circuits. However, this robot requires careful management of a unique electrical charge meter. Users can use the charged electricity to access abilities, such as increasing maximum Sanity or regenerating health over time. But be wary, for WX doesn’t like the water and will lose health when stepping on liquid. This drawback also applies when it’s raining. So, it’s best to immediately find shelter during the first signs of rainfall.

Webber: The Indigestible

Don't Starve Together Webber
  • Birthday: April 30
  • Perks & Quirks: Is a monster. Can befriend spiders. Grows a silky smooth beard.
  • Stats: 175 Health, 175 Hunger, and 100 Sanity
  • Favorite Food: Ice Cream
  • How to Unlock: Play a Reign of Giants DLC save game. Then, players must find a Webber's Skull from defeating Spiders. Next, bury the Skull in a dug-up Grave mound. Completing the short cutscene afterward unlocks Webber.
Webber is an unknown entity, even for the likes of other characters in Don’t Starve Together. He doesn’t have a normal human shape. Instead, this character looks like a cross between a young boy and a shadowy spider. Being a spider-like being, Webber requires monster meat as sustenance. Additionally, his natural connection with spiders allows him to befriend the arachnids, turning them into loyal companions. However, neutral mobs become hostile when near Webber. Also, he has a lower maximum Sanity than other characters, which requires additional maintenance to ensure insanity doesn’t take over him.

Warly: The Culinarian

Don't Starve Together Warly
  • Birthday: July 25
  • Perks & Quirks: Has his own line of custom portable cookware. Can spice things up. Has an insatiable appetite. Only eats gourmet food.
  • Stats: 150 Health, 250 Hunger, and 200 Sanity
  • Hunger Modifier: -1.2x
  • Favorite Food: None
  • How to Unlock: Gain 2,560 XP.
Before appearing in The Constant, Warly used to be a chef. His passion for the culinary arts allows him to be more efficient in cooking and eating than other characters in Don’t Starve Together. However, it also means that Warly is fairly picky with his food since he won’t eat anything raw. Thankfully, Warly’s pickiness with consumables doesn’t extend to cooked food. He’ll eat relatively anything, as long as it’s cooked. But it also means that he gets hungrier faster than others.

Wolfgang: The Strongman

Don't Starve Together Wolfgang
  • Birthday: October 2
  • Perks & Quirks: Needs to work out to become mighty. Becomes wimpy over time. Burns a lot of calories. Is afraid of monsters and the dark.
  • Stats: 200 Health, 200 Hunger, and 200 Sanity
  • Damage Modifier: 0.75×, 1× or 2×
  • Hunger Modifier: -0.75× to -1×
  • Sanity Modifier: -1.25× to -1.1×
  • Favorite Food: Roast Potato
  • How to Unlock: Gain 320 XP.
Wolfgang is one of the strongest characters in Don’t Starve Together, literally and figuratively. This character's stats are higher than average, allowing him to last longer in the Constant, dealing with its horrors than others. However, Wolfgang has a unique mechanic in the form of a "Might Meter." This gauge decreases over time and can only be recovered if Wolfgang exercises. Failure to keep this meter in check will reduce Wolfgang’s muscles, turning him into a wimp. While in his Wimpy form, Wolfgang becomes less effective in combat. He deals less damage to enemies than normal and has a faster Sanity drain.

Wendy: The Bereaved

Don't Starve Together Wendy
  • Birthday: November 11
  • Perks & Quirks: Is haunted by her twin sister. Feels comfortable in the dark. Dabbles in Ectoherbology. Doesn't hit very hard.
  • Stats: 150 Health, 150 Hunger, and 200 Sanity
  • Damage Modifier: 0.75x
  • Sanity Modifier: -0.75x
  • Favorite Food: Banana Pop
  • How to Unlock: Gain 640 XP.
Wendy has the unique ability to communicate with the dead, particularly her twin sister, Abigail. Particularly, Wendy can summon Abigail to help her fight mobs. Also, this character doesn’t lose Sanity when near ghosts, especially since she’s always hanging out with one. Alone, Wendy is one of the weakest characters in the game. Thankfully, Abigail balances out this weakness by providing extra firepower. It’s also important to mention that Wendy loses a chunk of Sanity when Abigail’s health drops to 0.

Wickerbottom: The Librarian

Don't Starve Together Wickerbottom
  • Birthday: December 6
  • Perks & Quirks: Knows many things. Self-publish books. Suffers from insomnia. Has a delicate stomach
  • Stats: 126 Health, 150 Hunger, and 250 Sanity
  • Favorite Food: Surf n’ Turf
  • How to Unlock: Gain 1,280 XP.
An insomniac librarian, Wickerbottom’s abilities generally lie in supporting the base instead of being a vanguard. Her unique ability to craft Magic Books with Papyrus and other ingredients can increase a base’s resource-production efficiency. However, she can also craft books that can help in combat. For example, her Overcoming Arachnophobia book can slow down mobs for 2 minutes. However, Wickerbottom’s insomnia makes restoration structures, such as the Tent and Bed Roll, less effective than normal when she's using them. Also, her Sanity gauge drops more than average when she eats spoiled food.

Wigfrid: The Performance Artist

Don't Starve Together Wigfrid
  • Birthday: July 23
  • Perks & Quirks: Excels in Battle. Absorbs the power of fallen foes. Performs well under pressure. Only eats Meat.
  • Stats: 200 Health, 120 Hunger, and 120 Sanity
  • Damage Modifier: 1.25x
  • Favorite Food: Turkey Dinner
  • How to Unlock: Obtain 1,920 XP.
Before arriving in the Constant, Wigfrid was an actress. She prides herself in acting combat-ready roles, and this behavior flows through her gameplay. In combat, Wigfrid regains Health and Sanity when attacking mobs. Also, she has an Inspiration Meter, allowing her to perform Battle Songs that provide unique perks ranging from reduced weapon durability or Sanity drain. However, Wigfrid is a picky eater and will only eat Meat, so players must ensure that there's always Meat on the menu for this powerful performance artist.

Winona: The Handywoman

  • Birthday: September 13
  • Perks & Quirks: Is a skilled builder. Gets one free hit from the dark. Invents her own gadgets.
  • Stats: 150 Health, 150 Hunger, and 200 Sanity
  • Favorite Food: Vegetable Stinger
  • How to Unlock: Available from the start.
Winona is a former worker of the Voxola Radio Company, and she dislikes laziness. Her passion for working hard ensures that she's always on the case for things that need repair. Solidifying her trait is her unique ability to use certain tools, such as her Trusty Tape. With her tape, Winona can use it to repair damaged clothes. Alternatively, players can command Winona to use the tape to patch boat leaks. Winona can also build unique structures, such as a catapult, spotlight, and generator. However, Winona's workaholic nature takes a toll on her Hunger level. In particular, she loses Hunger faster than others. Additionally, her crafting speed suffers if her Hunger is below 50 points.

Walter: The Fearless

Don't Starve Together Walter
  • Birthday: March 31
  • Perks & Quirks: Not afraid of anything except getting hurt. Good with a slingshot. Has a four-legged friend. Allergic to bees. Has no interest in fashion.
  • Stats: 130 Health, 110 Hunger, and 200 Sanity
  • Damage Modifier: +10 when attacked by Bee Mob
  • Hunger Modifier: -0.5× when Sleeping
  • Sanity Modifier: 0 in darkness, when being near monsters, structures, and/or wearing clothes, 1 when being affected by magic, +6/min when being near Trees, up to -12/min when health is not full
  • Favorite Food: Trail Mix
  • How to Unlock: Available from the start.
Walter is a loyal and trusty scout who isn't afraid of anything. Well, almost anything. Unlike other characters in Don’t Starve Together, Walter doesn’t lose Sanity when near specific mobs. However, this boy scout loses Sanity when enemies damage his health. Additionally, he’ll continue to become insane when his health isn’t full. On the other hand, Walter has access to different craftable items. In particular, he can craft the portable Camper’s Tent, which has the perks of the Tent item but the portability of the Fur Roll. Walter also has a trusty companion called Woby, who follows him everywhere. Woby is mountable, allowing Walter to move faster than normal. However, Walter can’t attack while mounted on Woby.

Wormwood: The Lonesome

Don't Starve Together Wormwood
  • Birthday: June 6
  • Perks & Quirks: Plants relate to him. Saddened when plants are killed. Has a Green Thumb. Food fills his stomach, but not his heart.
  • Stats: 150 Health, 150 Hunger, and 200 Sanity
  • Favorite Food: Cooked Banana
  • How to Unlock: Weave with 2,700 Spools, or purchase the Hamlet, Wormwood Chest, or Wormood Deluxe Chest DLC.
Wormwood is a sentient amalgamation of vines brought to life by lunar magic. Since he’s technically a one-of-a-kind being, Wormwood is alone in the mysterious world of the Constant. Despite being the only one of his kind, Wormwood can still remove some of his loneliness by talking to plants and plant-like mobs. So, hostile NPCs of the plant-kind won’t attack Wormwood when he’s near them. Wormwood is also compassionate to Mother Nature’s creations. But that also means that he’ll lose Sanity when nearby plants are destroyed. At the base or camp, Wormwood can plant seeds without a Farm. This way, players can save valuable resources that they can use for other purposes.

Wonkey: The Accursed

Don't Starve Together Wonkey
  • Perks & Quirks: Whoever they were, they're a monkey now
  • Stats: 125 Health, 175 Hunger, and 100 Sanity
  • Favorite Food: Cave Banana
  • How to Unlock: Transform using 10 Accursed Trinkets.
Wonkey is a state instead of a separate character. In other words, characters in Don’t Starve Together can transform into Wonkey by fulfilling the requirements. As Wonkey, the player can access unique perks. For instance, his combat and movement speed are faster than the normal character. Additionally, being in the Wonkey state grants permanent access to the Moon Quay Island. Stay as a Wonkey, and previously docile mobs will become hostile, particularly Pigs and Bunnymen. Also, the player loses the ability to comprehend speech from specific mobs, such as the Crabby Hermit and Ancient Fuelweaver. Are you looking to start a Don’t Starve Together dedicated server but still have questions? Our support staff is online to help you with your concerns and queries.
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