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Does Palworld Have Mega Pals?

Posted on by amber
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Mega Evolution has always been a fan favorite when it comes to the Pokémon series, so has the Palworld team included anything similar in their game? Today, we answer that question and more in “Does Palworld Have Mega Pals?”

Mega Evolutions Explained

Does Palworld Have Mega Pals: Pokémon Logo Mega Evolutions are a temporary transformation that select fully evolved Pokémon can perform. The results are often some of the strongest Pokémon in the game, alongside a great way to pay homage to fan favorites. However, to achieve a Mega Evolution, a named Mega Stone must be held by its matching Pokémon.

Does Palworld Have Mega Pals?

Does Palworld Have Mega Pals: Palworld Logo At this time, Palworld does not have a system akin to Mega Evolutions. The closest players can achieve is catching a Lucky or Alpha Pal which will be a few sizes larger than its standard counterparts.

Lucky Pals

Palworld Lucky Pal Screenshot Lucky Pals are Palworld’s equivalent to shiny Pokémon. They can spawn nearly anywhere in the world in the place of their standard form and are much, much larger. Alongside their new size, they sparkle, indicating their luck, and come with one random, non-unique ability for players to use. Finally, Lucky Pals will always have the Lucky trait, which grants them +15% to both Attack and Work Speed.

Alpha Pals

Palworld Update Patch v0.1.5.0 Alpha Pals are large bosses found scattered throughout Palworld and at the end of dungeons. Defeating or catching them grants ten times their standard experience points, and their massive size is maintained. While their base stats do not change from their non-alpha counterparts, Alpha Pals do take damage at a reduced rate, making up for their size and allowing them to last longer in battle.

Does Palworld Have Mega Pals?

With that, our short guide has come to an end. Hopefully, it helped answer your question and make a few new Lucky and Alpha Pal friends. Happy hunting! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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