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Did Dream Quit MCC?

Posted on by amber
Last seen during MCC 24, fans began to wonder when Dream would be returning to MCC for more. However, after a recent live broadcast on Dream’s private Twitter, details regarding his participation have been revealed. Today we answer the question, did Dream quit MCC?

Did Dream Quit MCC? The Short Answer

Dream Yes. Dream sadly confirmed that he would no longer be participating in MCC.

Did Dream Quit MCC? The Long Answer

While discussing a variety of topics over a live broadcast on his private Twitter, the subject of MCC came up. Dream states early in the explanation, “I don’t think I will be in anymore MCCs,” before expressing that as skill levels continue to rise, he simply does not have the time to keep up or practice. However, Dream also shared that he would like “to be involved, but not be involved” by appearing on friends’ streams while they play MCC and cheer them on. So, he won’t be entirely gone!

The Dream Team

[caption id="attachment_2760" align="alignnone" width="512"]Did Dream Quit MCC? - The Dream Team Source: Li-Wri on Tumblr[/caption] Dream’s departure from MCC should not affect the participation of most other Dream Team members, but nothing has been confirmed as of November 25th. The one exception to this is GeorgeNotFound, who has previously stated he won’t participate in MCC without Dream, so its possible this will mark the end of George’s MCC journey as well.

The Future of MCC

MCC Logo Dream made sure to express his love for MCC during the broadcast and even intends to participate indirectly. In other words, there is no drama to be found! MCC is still going strong with members of OfflineTV joining the fray, and chances are we will see Dream return someday, be it as a guest or participating in a future MCC All-Stars. No matter the case, we wish Dream the very best! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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