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CS2 Achievements Guide

Posted on by amber
There is no better way to show off your love for a game than getting every achievement, especially for big-name shooters! However, it's usually a little harder than this. Today, we show step by step how to get every achievement in our CS2 Achievements Guide.

All CS2 Achievements

All CS2 Achievements Screenshot At the time of writing, CS2 offers one hidden achievement titled "A New Beginning." This surprised many fans as CSGO had 167 achievements, all of which are now entirely unavailable.

How To Earn "A New Beginning"

All CS2 Achievements: A New Beginning The hidden achievement "A New Beginning" is earned by playing and completing one match of CS2. No wins, multi-kills, or headshots are required, and any gamemode is fine.

Will More CS2 Achievements Be Added?

CS2 Weekly Care Package Leftover Loot Screenshot CS2 is missing a few features that CSGO had, including left hand settings and achievements, so it is unknown how much was intentional. However, if we were to take a guess, more achievements will likely be added eventually. The fact that there is at least one achievement rather than none gives us hope for that.

What Are Some Potential CS2 Achievements?

Looking back at CSGO, there are a ton of possibilities! Below are six of our favorites we hope to see return:
  • Blitzkrieg: Win a round against five enemies in less than thirty seconds.
  • Clean Sweep: Kill the entire opposing team without any members of your team taking any damage.
  • Killanthropist: Donate 100 weapons to your teammates.
  • Ballistic: In Classic Mode, Kill four enemy players within fifteen seconds.
  • Dead Man Stalking: Kill an enemy while at one health.
  • Premature Burial: Kill an enemy with a grenade after dying.

A Guide's End

Should more CS2 Achievements ever arrive, we will be the first to update our guide! In the meantime, we hope this CS2 Achievement Guide has helped earn "A New Beginning.” Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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