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Can You Switch to Left Handed in Counter Strike 2?

Posted on by amber
Counter Strike 2 added plenty of features, but some were seemingly lost along the way. So, today we answer the question, can you switch to left handed in Counter Strike 2?

Playing Left Handed in Counter Strike 2

Left Handed in Counter Strike 2: Dev Console Setting Screenshot Those who have played CSGO may recall the option to have your first-person perspective be left handed, changing where your knife and guns appeared on the screen. However, with the release of Counter Strike 2, this no longer seems to function. Prior to the update, players only needed to enable the developer console under game settings and then click “`” to open it up in game. From there, they would type cl_righthand 0 to change to left handed before continuing on with their day. Now right handed is the only way players can experience the game.

Will Left Handed Options Be Added?

Left Handed in Counter Strike 2: Right Hand Perspective Screenshot Sadly, with no word from Valve and the latest patch not including left handed options, there is no telling when or if it will be added. Many games exist without left handed options so it may have been an intentional change. Although, it would be disappointing if that were the case, especially when CSGO offered it with ease.

Why Are Left Handed Options Desired?

CS2 Logo Left handed individuals sometimes find it harder to play from a right handed perspective. This change simply allows them to play more comfortably. As for potential advantages, switching mid-match could always be disabled. It is also an unfortunate situation for high-level CSGO players who practiced with the left handed perspective and are now forced to switch to right.

Can You Switch to Left Handed in Counter Strike 2?

For the time being, the answer remains no. However, we can always hope! Maybe Valve is just finalizing a new feature where stickers can go on both sides of the gun. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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