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Can You Release Pals in Palworld?

Posted on by amber
(Estimated Read Time: 3 minutes)
One can never have too many Pals! But, sometimes, the limits of the Palbox force us to pick and choose the Pals we keep around. So, today, we answer the question, can you release Pals in Palworld?

Can You Release Pals in Palworld?

Palworld Pal Merchant Screenshot Sadly, you can not simply release Pals in Palworld at this time. However, that does not mean every captured Pal must be kept! A few options exist to remove Pals, which we have detailed below:

1. Selling Pals

The fastest method for clearing out Pals is also a great way to collect gold coins! Out in the world, settlements will typically have a Pal Merchant who players can sell Pals to. They are hard to miss in their distinctive blue attire and often have a stock of Pals from far-off areas as well. Be sure to check them for rare traits!

2. Slaughtering Pals

For those with the heart to do so, a Meat Cleaver can be purchased with Technology Points at level twelve, which allows players to slaughter Pals for resources. This permanently “removes” the Pal, as one would likely imagine.

3. Kidnapped Pals

The final method for removing Pals is not something most players would discover voluntarily. Raider Spheres, which can not be obtained legitimately, are able to capture other players’ Pals. Rumors have it these are being used by hackers on public servers, so watch out for player raiders!

Will Releasing Pals Be Added?

Can You Release Pals in Palworld? Palbox Example Screenshot Some fans have shared their desire for an ethical method of Pal Removal, but the developers have given no indication that one will be added. Hopefully, a method such as releasing Pals into the wild will be considered for a future update!

A Guide’s End

For many Pokemon fans, the inability to release Pals came as quite a surprise. But hopefully, our short guide has helped adapt to Palworld’s changing tides. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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