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Astroneer Tungsten Farming Guide

Posted on by justin
Tungsten in Astroneer is a refined resource used to craft various items, including Medium Generator and Chemistry Lab. But how can you best farm this useful material? Here we'll cover effective ways to farm Tungsten and all the uses you can get out of this element in Astroneer.

How To Farm Tungsten In Astroneer

Astroneer Tungsten Like farming other materials in Astroneer, such as Clay, you must complete specific requirements before farming Tungsten. In particular, you must craft the Smelting Furnace to make Tungsten from Wolframite. To craft the Smelting Furnace, use 2x Resin and 1x Compound at the Medium Printer. Note: Craft the Medium Printer from the Small Printer using 2x Compound. As for Wolframite, it’s a natural resource only found on two planets: Calidor and Desolo. In Calidor, search for Wolframite in its Mountainous Biome and Mantle Layers. If you’re in Calidor, Wolframite typically spawns in its Cave Layers. Alternatively, trade 3x Scrap at the Trade Platform to receive 2x Wolframite. Note: Wolframite’s appearance is a green-yellow cluster. It also doesn’t share the same look as its real-world counterpart. With all the requirements met, place the Wolframite in the Smelting Furnace. Activate the crafting station, and you’ll receive a Tungsten piece per Wolframite.

Tungsten Usage

Astroneer Farm Tungsten Tungsten in Astroneer is one of the game’s valuable resources, especially since you can use it to make certain crafting stations for progression. The items you can craft with this material are the following:

Backpack Printer

  • Floodlight: 1x Tungsten

Small Printer

  • Medium Generator: 1x Tungsten and 1x Aluminum

Medium Printer

  • Chemistry Lab: 1x Tungsten, 1x Glass, and 1x Ceramic
  • Trade Platform: 1x Iron, 1x Tungsten, and 1x EXO Chip

Chemistry Lab

  • Tungsten Carbide: 1x Tungsten and 1x Carbon
Aside from using it to craft items, you can also use Tungsten to open the EXO Dynamics Research Aid on Calidor. Doing so will reward you with a fairly large amount of Bytes. Note: The bottom of the EXO Dynamics Research Aid capsule disappears after opening the container as of Patch 1.20.265.
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