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How to Get Plastic in Astroneer

Posted on by justin
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As you progress in Astroneer, you’ll notice that some items require resources only obtainable from crafting. An example of this is Plastic, a vital material in Astroneer that players must craft themselves. With that, here's how to get Plastic in Astroneer and all of the crafting recipes it can be used in.

How to Get Plastic in Astroneer

Astroneer Plastic Like Clay in Astroneer, Plastic is an obtainable resource through crafting. For this particular material, you must use 1x Carbon and 1x Compound at the Chemistry Lab. Note: Make the Chemistry Lab using 1x Tungsten, 1x Glass, and 1x Ceramic at the Medium Printer. Compound is a natural resource that’s reasonably easy to find. This material looks like a cluster of gray balls in the overworld. Use the Terrain Tool (the “E” keyboard key by default for PC users). You can also produce 8x Compound using two full Soil Canisters at the Soil Centrifuge. Alternatively, exchange 1x Scrap to get 2x Compound at the Trade Platform. As for Carbon, you must refine Organic at the Smelting Furnace. Like Compound, Organic is a naturally-occurring common resource in Astroneer. If you don’t have the Smelting Furnace to craft Carbon, use 2x Resin and 1x Compound at the Medium Printer to make it. Note: Astroneer Clay produces 250 Bytes when placed in a Research Chamber.

Using Plastic in Astroneer (Crafting Recipes)

Like the real world, Plastic in Astroneer has many uses. The items you can craft using this material are the following (separated by different crafting modules):
Backpack Printer
  • Holographic Figurine: 1x Plastic
Small Printer
  • Medium Fluid & Soil Canister: 1x Plastic and 1x Glass
  • Medium Resource Canister: 1x Plastic and 1x Glass
  • Medium Buggy Horn: 1x Plastic and 1x Rubber
Medium Printer
  • Large Rover Seat: 2x Plastic and 1x Compound
  • Atmospheric Condenser: 1x Plastic, 1x Glass, and 1x Iron
  • Medium Rover: 2x Plastic and 1x Rubber
  • Large Fog Horn: 1x Plastic, 1x Rubber, and 1x Steel
Large Printer
  • Shelter: 2x Silicone and 2x Plastic
Note: The craftable items listed above may change with future updates.
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